Shanghai Electric Group Co.,Ltd. Central Academe

Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. Central Academe (hereinafter referred to as the “Central Academe”) focuses on forward-looking technologies, generic technologies and key technologies which are urgently needed to be solved for the industrial and technological development of Shanghai Electric Group. We adhere to product orientation and value orientation. We take capacity building as the main line, scientific research projects as the cornerstone and management innovation as the support. All these organically constitute the engine of Shanghai Electric Group's technology innovation system.

Group Introduction

Central Academe is the main entity of the Shanghai Electrical Group’s science and technology innovation system. We adhere to the main development localization, which is "becoming the leader of the Group’s technical transformation, the incubator of prospective industry, and the supporter of industry development". We utilize the science and technology innovation to drive forward-looking technology exploration and emerging industrial layout, to provide new sources of technology, and to fill up the technical jigsaw puzzle of the Group's new industry.

93.4 %
Researchers (Master and Doctoral Degree Account for 65.9%)
630 Million RMB
Research Investment in Past Three Years
5 Company

Central Academe views R&D as the foundation, regards incubation and investment as the two wings, and gathers a large number of first-class talents. Since establishment, we have assumed 72 National and Shanghai’s key technology projects, applied 454 patents (authorized 118), incubated 5 startups, and invested many forward-looking companies. We have won the "National Mechanical Industry Worker Innovation Outstanding Organization", “National Enterprise Technology Center ", "Recognized Enterprise Technology Center of Shanghai", "National Machinery Industry Advanced Unit", "National Mechanical Industry Civilized Unit", "Shanghai Civilized Unit" and other honorary titles.