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Shanghai electric intelligent rehabilitation medical technology co., ltd. was registered and established in June 2018. As a holding subsidiary of Shanghai electric group, it is committed to providing high-end medical rehabilitation robots and intelligent medical solutions.

The company's researchers mainly come from the fields of biomedicine, robotics and its automation applications, equipment manufacturing, avionics testing and industrial design.

Rehabilitation company to r & d rehabilitation robot as the main product. As an important branch of medical robot, its research runs through many fields such as rehabilitation medicine, biomechanics, mechanics, mechanical mechanics, electronics, materials science, computer science and robotics, and has become a research hotspot in the field of international robotics. At present, rehabilitation robots have been widely used in rehabilitation nursing, artificial limbs and rehabilitation treatment, which not only promotes the development of rehabilitation medicine, but also drives the development of new technologies and new theories in related fields.

China's rehabilitation market has a scale of 10 billion yuan, with huge room for growth. Assumes that the future of our country more than secondary rehabilitation medicine of general hospital construction completely, to predict the future secondary hospital rehabilitation medicine quantity nearly 10000 above, here does not include the community rehabilitation agencies, such as considering the rehabilitation equipment unit price in hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan between, even if a rehabilitation medicine with a device, the market space will reach tens of billions of yuan, huge growth space.

At present, it has carried out in-depth clinical research projects in Shanghai jing 'an central hospital, Shanghai fifth people's hospital, huashan hospital, yueyang integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital affiliated to Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai yangzhi rehabilitation hospital (Shanghai sunshine rehabilitation center), Shanghai first rehabilitation hospital and other medical institutions.

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