Shanghai Electric Finance Group

As a major platform to promote industry-finance integration at Shanghai Electric Group, the Shanghai Electric Finance Group (SEFG) customizes professional and global financial solutions for internal and external customers in energy equipment, industrial equipment, and engineering services. The subsidiaries under its umbrella include Shanghai Electric Group Finance Company Ltd., Shanghai Electric Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tourmaline Asset Management Co., Ltd., etc.

Group Introduction

Based on the characteristics of the equipment manufacturing industry, we work to improve treasury management, better leverage financial instruments to support the core business operations, as well as facilitate the introduction of new industries and technologies. These enable Shanghai Electric to coordinate internal and external financial resources, while boosting its transformation and high-quality growth.

Our principal activities include corporate treasury services concerning funds, bills, accounts, settlement, exchange rate risk management, investment banking, and industry chain finance, as well as finance leasing, new energy industry funds, PE investment, direct investment, and asset management. Shanghai Electric Group Finance Company Ltd. ranks top in Shanghai in terms of total assets and ROE, and outperforms its industry peers in almost all business areas. Shanghai Electric Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. has provided more than 2370 domestic customers with financing services. Backed by Shanghai Electric’s strong industrial background and trove of projects, Shanghai Electric Investment Co., Ltd. has worked with major players in the market to expand its footprint globally. By far, the funds that we manage for clients in industries like medical devices and smart manufacturing stand at nearly 10 billion yuan.

72.4 Billion Yuan
Year-end 2018 Total Assets
4927 Clients
Served In Total
1.14 Billion Yuan
2018 Total Profits

We have established our reputation in Europe and America by implementing biomass energy projects. We have also made inroads into the high-end market for hazardous waste disposal in the Yangtze River Delta by acquiring high-risk industrial waste disposal projects in Ningbo and Wujiang. As a cornerstone investor, we have set up a fund with billions of yuan for medical devices.

To achieve the Shanghai Electric Dream, we seek to become a paragon that keeps a foothold in China and delivers financial services for clientele in the global equipment manufacturing industry. Our goal is always to drive the real economy. In alignment with the three-step strategy, we will propel the industry with strong support and professional services.