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Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Group (here inafter referred to as "the group") is an important industrial sector of Shanghai Electric Group.Specializing in R & D, design, manufacturing, sales of power transmission and distribution products and control equipment, general contracting business of power engineering, technical services and consulting in the field of power transmission and distribution.

In 2011, Shanghai Electric and Shanghai Electric Power(50:50 shares) jointly established Shanghai Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Group Co., Ltd. the scale of the whole group was further expanded, the business scope was continuously expanded, and the transmission and distribution industry chain was realized.The main products cover "3 + 1" industrial system of high voltage, intelligence, power electronics and engineering services, including transformer, cable, switch cabinet, components, power electronics, secondary equipment and other product series, covering 500 kV and below voltage levels, widely used in power, water conservancy, rail transit, post and telecommunications, communications, light textile, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction and other different fields.

At present, the annual sales scale of the group has exceeded 10 billion, with 25 controlling and joint-stock enterprises, including joint ventures with Siemens, Schneider, ABB and other world top 500 companies.The group now has a national technology center, CNAs authorized test center with third-party qualification, and promotes the industrialization of smart grid and new energy access system through technology leading and innovation driving.In recent years, the group has vigorously developed the market, formed a network layout of "stabilizing Shanghai, breaking through the surrounding areas and radiating the whole country", and actively developed industrial customers to promote the supporting industry.In response to the national "one belt and one way" strategy, the group expands its overseas EPC market with its complete set of qualifications, and provides customers with investment and financing, including transmission and distribution general contracting solutions.

The group has always been committed to building an "international leading and domestic first-class" leader in the power transmission and distribution equipment industry, becoming a supplier with integrated capabilities and comprehensive solutions, and wholeheartedly providing high-quality products and efficient services for the majority of domestic and foreign users.

Group Introduction

The group has a complete industrial chain and rich product categories, forming a high-voltage, intelligent, power electronic and modern service industrial structure system. Focus on new technologies and products of smart grid, promote new energy access and flexible transmission; develop online monitoring, distributed energy and energy storage technologies; develop smart substation, give full play to its advantages and seize the market opportunities; build an overall solution service platform on the integrated services of smart grid system integration, project general contracting, equipment complete set, maintenance, etc.

Key project achievements:

*Nanchang Haili base

*Putian and Shantou offshore wind power manufacturing bases of wind power group

*"Pros" photovoltaic project

*Evergrande group strategic cooperation

*Data center, such as Wuhai, Hangzhou and other projects

*Rail transit, such as: modern tram project in Longhua New District, Shenzhen City, Shentong Metro, Wuhan Metro, Shijiazhuang Metro and other projects

151 billion
New orders in 2019
128 billion
Sales revenue in 2019
4.7 billion
Net profit in 2019

    Guided by the strategy of "electric dream" and "three steps", the group adheres to the concept of "leapfrog high-quality development", strives to build a leading international and first-class domestic high-tech