Shanghai Electric Group Co.,Ltd. Central Academe

Central Academe adheres to product orientation and value orientation. We focus on five key emerging fields and deeply cultivate four basic capabilities. We pay attention to the demand-driven R&D, and focus on the three functions of "R&D, incubation and investment". We grasp the transformation of technological achievements, and determined to build a first-class enterprise research institute.

☆  Five Key Emerging Fields

In the field of integrated energy and energy storage, Central Academe focuses on energy conversion, storage and management technology. We keep researching on energy storage lithium battery, energy storage flow battery, distributed energy and molten salt thermal storage, etc. In addition, we focus on developing energy storage system solutions, battery cascade utilization, disassembling and recycling, to ensure energy security, to promote the comprehensive efficiency and economic efficiency of energy utilization, and to construct a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

In the field of high-end medical equipment, Central Academe focuses on the research and development of reliable and effective rehabilitation robots and surgical robots. We strive to build a comprehensive medical system integration network and provide efficient, convenient, accurate and safe high-end medical equipment and services, jointly building the new normal of high-end medical health in the future.

In the field of new energy vehicles, Central Academe focuses on the development of battery, motor and electric control system. We adhere to independent development in the directions of fuel cell, power battery technology, three-in-one power train system and motor controller system. We aim to build the power heart of new energy vehicles independently to drive the development of new energy vehicles in the future.

In the field of intelligent manufacturing, Central Academe continually consolidates the basic technical capabilities to promote the digitalization, automation and intelligentization of industrial production, operation and maintenance. We aim to build the system framework and intelligent manufacturing system solutions for the whole life cycle and help the Group transform to intelligent manufacturing.

In the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, Central Academe devotes to solid waste and wastewater treatment. We focus on biomass gasification, solid waste treatment resource utilization and industrial wastewater treatment technology, aiming to realize the effective utilization of renewable energy, solve a variety of environmental pollution problems, and create a green, environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

☆  Four Basic Capabilities

In the capability of digital technology, Central Academe adheres to industrial digital technology as the core research direction, and has accumulated the foundation of digital analysis and intelligent manufacturing virtual simulation technology. We aim to provide digital technology services throughout the whole product lifecycle for the Group.

In the capability of artificial intelligence technology, Central Academe builds data collection and processing ability, artificial intelligence algorithm application ability, software architecture design ability and system integration management ability. We commit to artificial intelligence application technology research and platform construction, continuously developing new products, new business and new industry solutions.

In the capacity of new material technology, Central Academe focuses on the customized development and molding technology of 3D printing materials, studies the formulation and molding process of phase-change composites. We have established the professional material modification and application capabilities.

In the capacity of intelligent operation and maintenance technology, Central Academe pays attention to PHM technology, multi-source heterogeneous technology, big data processing and other forward-looking technologies. Based on the remote intelligent operation and maintenance system and the application of artificial intelligence technologies, we aim to build a health management and intelligent maintenance system for high-end equipment and urban rail transit.

Central Academe has consolidated a solid foundation to develop rapidly and sustainably. We keep focusing on new fields and technologies, creating competitive products and striving to form a sound industrial chain layout. To overcome new challenges, we have innovated in the system and mechanism, and built the demonstration base and incubation investment platform. We aim to be the pioneer of new fields, the pioneer of new system, the incubator of new industry and the supporter of the Group’s development!