Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Group Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Group Co.,Ltd. is an affiliate of Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. as well as an industrial group specialized in manufacturing major equipment of nuclear island.

Group Introduction

The Corporation located in the Heavy Equipment Industrial Zone of Lingang New City (Shanghai), next to Shanghai Free Trade Zone and Yangshan Deep Water Port, featuring good investment and financing environment, outstanding research capability, advanced manufacture technology, powerful manufacturing capacity and convenient transportation.
After nearly 50 years of development, The Corporation has formed the most complete nuclear power equipment manufacturing industrial chain in China. It has the capability to supply reactor pressure vessel (RV), steam generator (SG), pressurizer (PZ), reactor vessel internal (RVI), control rod drive mechanism (CRDM), reactor coolant pump (RCP), pumps and vessels of Nuclear Class II & III, fuel handling equipment and nuclear valves in nuclear island, large nuclear castings & forgings and spare parts & on-site services, etc.
Since 2005, The Corporation has built Lingang Base and modified Minhang Base with an investment of 7.2 billion yuan, having more than 2,500 sets of machining, welding, smelting, forged hardening, forming, lifting, detection and testing equipment, including more than 40 sets of world-class advanced equipment to meet the large-scale development of nuclear power industry.
Thanks to the construction of Lingang Base and Minhang Base, The Corporation has formed the annual manufacturing capability of 10 sets of 1000MW reactor vessel internals and control rod drive mechanisms, 6 sets of heavy NI vessels (reactor pressure vessel, steam generator and pressurizer, etc.), 12 sets of RCPs. The Corporation has large nuclear power large forging manufacturing capacity to supply the largest steel ingot of 600 tons, the largest casting of 450 tons and the largest forging of 350 tons.

192 set
206 item
2500+ station

With the development since the 1970s,The Corporation has become the nuclear power equipment manufacturing group in China with the longest development history, the most manufacturing deliveries, the most complete supply chain, the most widely applied manufacturing technology, the maximum equipment capacity and the broadest international cooperation. Shanghai Electric has realized the mass production and complete-set delivery of nuclear major equipment with the second generation plus technology, the third generation technology including AP1000, EPR & HPR1000 and the fourth generation technology such as High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (HTR) and is developing and manufacturing key equipment of the third-generation CAP1400 technology and the fourth generation technology such as China Fast Reactor (CFR) & Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (TMSR).