2019 Year
Date of established
135 Million RMB
Registered capital
60 %
Researchers (Master and Doctoral Degree Account for)

Shanghai Electric group battery technology Co., Ltd. was registered in June 2019 with a registered capital of 135 million yuan. It is a holding subsidiary of Shanghai Electric Group. It is jointly established by the Central Research Institute of Shanghai Electric Group and ENOVATE Auto Technology Group Co., Ltd. and is committed to providing solutions of new energy vehicle power battery.           
The company is committed to independent research and development of power battery system related technologies, and mass production of power battery system and key components. BDU has been built in the R & D loading products, with fast charging function, liquid cooling function and thermal runaway protection function. It can realize that the battery system will not fire or explode within 30 minutes after the thermal runaway of the electric core, so as to ensure the safety of passengers. In the light-weight aspect, the soft package group rate is more than 64%, the square shell group rate is more than 77%, and the system energy density is more than or equal to 160wh / kg. The power covers 30kwh-85kwh, which can match A0, a, B, C-class sedan and SUV models.

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