SEunicloud Industrial Internet Platform

Shanghai Electric has diverse operations in many industries, so it has taken both general and professional applications into account to build a scalable SEunicloud platform that can meet the needs of different industries. By far, SEunicloud has integrated industry experience and success practices to develop solutions including smart wind O&M, remote thermal power O&M, after-sales services of machine tools, integrated management of energy storage battery, therapy robots, and distributed water treatment. SEunicloud will extend throughout the value chain from equipment O&M to production control, R&D, and value-added services, and support group operations in thermal power, gas turbine, wind power, machine tool, electric motor, rail transportation, environmental protection, distributed energy sources, and rehabilitation therapy. At the same time, the platform will help Shanghai Electric deliver its overall smart manufacturing solutions to external customers.

[SEunicloud] Backed by multi-industry resources in high-end equipment manufacturing, SEunicloud builds itself into an underlying platform that delivers uniform data, services, and standards. It also provides customers in the manufacturing sector with such value-added services as industrial APP, industrial algorithm, and big data analysis.

[SEunicloud] The platform focuses on product lifecycle management, aftermarket value-added services, lightweight MES, and lean management components. By working on innovative business models, SEunicloud is committed to empowering domestic industries, customers, and partners with industrial solutions and product innovation schemes that represent core customer values.

[SEunicloud] The platform integrates IaaS technology to pool such computer resources as network, computation, and storage for centralized management. A data infrastructure is built through industrial equipment data collection, communication protocol conversion, and edge computing. A generic PaaS architecture is adopted to deliver innovative services like big data processing, industrial data analysis, and industrial micro services and to build an open cloud platform that is scalable. SEunicloud can meet requirements of different industries and scenarios for industrial SaaS application, and realize control of the entire value chain.

Vice Chairman, China Strategic Alliance of Smart Energy Industrial Technology Innovation

Member, Alliance of Industrial Internet

"2018 Excellent Industrial Internet Solution" awarded by Shanghai Branch of the Alliance of Industrial Internet

Included in the "2019 Recommendation List of Shanghai Industrial Internet Platforms and Professional Service Providers"