For a Zero-Carbon Future | Shanghai Electric Presents Innovations at CIIF 2023
2023/09/25  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

On September 19th, the 23rd China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as "CIIF") kicked off at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) Shanghai. Chen Jining, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, visited the exhibition area of SHANGHAI-FANUC Robotics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SHANGHAI-FANUC"), an enterprise in which Shanghai Electric is a shareholder, to learn about the achievements made by the enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing, and exchanged views with on-site staff on the topics of intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and IoT research and development.




As a longstanding participant in CIIF, Shanghai Electric proposed the “Zero-Carbon and Intelligent Future” with a focus on “Smart Energy", "Intelligent Manufacturing” and "Digital Integration”. It creates five new themed exhibition areas and two immersive viewing areas, to showcase a full range of Shanghai Electric’s achievements in equipment manufacturing digitization and the integrated solution of "wind, solar, storage and regulation”. It presented the innovative products of “specialized and sophisticated" enterprises and other cutting-edge technologies in various business fields, leading the audience to explore the "Zero Carbon" world from a new perspective and experience the beauty of industrialization.

In the morning, with the witness of Liu Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Electric Group, and Gu Zhiqiang, Vice President of Shanghai Electric Group, Shanghai Electric signed strategic cooperation agreements with AECC CAE and National Innovation Center par Excellence, opening a new chapter of comprehensive cooperation.

Shanghai Electric also launched impressive products. It successively released three major industrial intelligent solutions, namely "Intelligent Management System of Carbon Emission”, "SEunicloud" industrial Internet platform 4.0 and "Zero-Carbon Industrial Park", and released the "Zero Carbon Industrial Park Planning and Assessment". In addition, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" initiative, Shanghai Electric released two promotional videos about overseas projects, "Beyond the Mountains and Seas” and "Ten Years on the Road" at CIIF.

Management System of Carbon Emission and Digital Partner - The Perfect Industrial Internet Solution

As a leading enterprise of large-scale integral energy equipment manufacturing in China, Shanghai Electric, with decades of experience and technological innovation in the energy industry, has built the "Management System of Carbon Emission" on the SEunicloud industrial Internet platform. It enables the transition from being an "energy expert" to an "intelligent carbon manager."

Management System of Carbon Emission prioritizes meeting the general and individual green and low-carbon needs of different customers, catering to the area, enterprises and customers in parks, factories, warehouses and schools. The solution orients towards the whole life cycle of planning, construction and operation, deeply integrating equipment technology and information technology to build a new model of green and low-carbon services for Shanghai Electric and to empower the transformation to green and low-carbon development.

Smart Energy - Empowerment and New Potentials

With rich experience in traditional energy equipment and forward-looking new energy plans, Shanghai Electric fully exploits its advantages in energy and industry, and launches the "integrated wind, solar, storage and regulation solution" at CIIF. Using Shanghai Electric's core wind power and photovoltaic equipment, the program is designed to realize a high degree of synergy and complementarity between wind power and solar power on the supply side, and to achieve measurable, controllable, stable and profitable new energy power generation.

Furthermore, Shanghai Electric has displayed the influential "comprehensive zero-carbon industrial park", from the design and construction of green industrial plants to the distributed supply of new energy, from the green and intelligent manufacturing line to the industrial drive to improve energy efficiency. It provides a case of carbon reduction at the source for industrial parks as an innovative multi-energy complementation project. It has set up a benchmark as a zero-carbon, green and smart factory.

Intelligent Manufacturing - Enhancing Industrial Manufacturing To Empower Human Life

Shanghai Electric has rich experience and technological advantages in the field of automation equipment and integration services, providing intelligent manufacturing solutions of basic components, intelligent equipment, industrial software, system integration and services for customers. At this year’s CIIF, Shanghai Electric brought lithium battery smart factory solutions, medical imaging solutions, rail automation control systems and large precision grinding machines and medium and high-grade CNC machine tools for the new energy lithium battery industry, health care, urban rail transit and machine tools. It aims to establish a connection between intelligent equipment products and users, and to create value for users through the industrial Internet and smart supply chain.

Digital and Intelligent Integration - Sea, Land and Air Industry Chain Lays Foundation for the Manufacturing Industry

After years of efforts, Shanghai Electric has successfully established a "sea, land and air" industry cluster, becoming an important player in high-end manufacturing in China and the world. For customers in the new energy vehicle industry, Shanghai Electric offers full-industry-chain service capabilities, ranging from low-carbon industrial plant design and intelligent production lines for vehicle and battery PACK assembly to new energy power battery and thermal management systems. For the aviation industry, Shanghai Electric can provide automated drilling and riveting systems, assembly lines and other key products and integration services, as well as aircraft instrumentation and control systems, aviation fasteners, engine blades and other important aircraft subsystems and components. To cater to the needs of customers in the marine sector, Shanghai Electric has a strong industry foundation and immense growth potential in delivering large castings and forgings, large marine crankshafts, marine ballast water devices, power systems and supporting equipment, thus boosting the development of China's shipbuilding industry.

"Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises” - Strengthening the Core Manufacturing Competence

Shanghai Electric is committed to cultivating 'specialized and innovative' enterprises as its primary focus. Currently, the Group owns 38 Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprises and 5 “little giant” firms. At CIIF, Shanghai Electric opened up a display area for “specialized and sophisticated” products such as large F-class heavy-duty combustion engines, high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, extra-high-voltage transformers and intelligent universal air circuit breakers, to provide the audience a firsthand experience of its world-class innovation and technological strength.