Big News! Asia's First Offshore Wind Power SOV Successfully Launched
2023/09/21  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

On the morning of September 16th, the grand launching ceremony of Asia’s first offshore wind power SOV (Service Operation Vessel) was held in Qidong. Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Electric Wind Power") commissioned ZPMC to build the two SOVs. This is the first time that a wind turbine manufacturer in the field of offshore wind power operation and maintenance introduced specialized SOV in Asia. After the launching of the new ships, a number of mooring and navigation tests will be conducted.


During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, China has planned five ten-million-kilowatt-class offshore wind power bases and introduced various measures to promote offshore large-scale development and deep and distant sea demonstration development. Following this national strategy, while drawing on its extensive experience in offshore wind power operation and maintenance, Shanghai Electric Wind Power became the first in the industry to launch a specialized SOV traffic program.

Initially designed by the Norwegian company Ulstein, these two offshore wind power SOVs were crafted by Shanghai Zhenhua Offshore Design and Research Institute and officially put into production in September 2022. Integrated with high efficiency, green, and intelligent O&M, and equipped with DP2 power positioning system, active wave compensation trestle and DC integrated electric propulsion system and lithium battery hybrid power scheme, the two vessels have a large cargo space, a spacious loading capacity, and an advanced intelligent O&M system.

The offshore wind power SOV is currently one of the best solutions for deep and distant sea operation and maintenance in the world, and it is also the forward-looking step taken by Shanghai Electric Wind Power to exploit the deep and distant sea. After being put into use, it will greatly alleviate the pain points of the current Chinese mainstream offshore transportation vessels, such as short window period, operation interruption, frequent trips, low efficiency, poor applicability to harsh sea conditions, etc., and provide strong support for the operation and maintenance of deep and distant sea projects.

Leaders of Qidong municipal party committee, municipal government, Nantong MSA and other relevant governments, guests from Shanghai Electric Wind Power, ZPMC, China Classification Society (CCS), No.704 Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation and other enterprises and institutions, and important partners of Shanghai Electric Wind Power witnessed this historic moment.