Green Medal! Sustainable Development Achievements of Shanghai Electric Make the Forbes List
2023/03/15  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

At the 2023 Forbes China Sustainable Development Summit held in Shanghai on March 7, Shanghai Electric won the Best Case Award for the “2022 Industrial Sustainability in China: Exploration and Practice” white paper, and made the list of “2022 Forbes China Top 50 Sustainable Development Industrial Enterprises” for its long-term investment and excellent performance in the high-end, green and intelligent development of industrial manufacturing.




As one of the largest energy equipment manufacturers in China, Shanghai Electric has taken the national “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” goals and comprehensive green transformation as its mission with “energy substitution, energy efficiency improvement, optimal resource utilization” as its three major paths. It has contributed electric wisdom to "safe decarbonization" through constant upgrade of technology and products. Shanghai Electric actively conducts exploration and practice of sustainable development in terms of green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, construction of green supply chain, clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, social responsibility, and so on. In the future, Shanghai Electric will continue to promote green development, strengthen the research and development of green technologies, seek innovation and progress, and strive for safe decarbonization and the harmony between human and nature.

This award aims to recognize the green manufacturers with excellent influence and power nationwide, set a new benchmark in the industry, explore the new model of green and low-carbon transformation, and assist industrial manufacturers in achieving the goal of carbon neutrality. Only the industrial enterprises with a history over 10 years, an annual operating income exceeding CNY 100 billion, and the research and development investment growing by about 50% year on year were selected.