The lifting and assembly have been completed in Wind Power Group’s Croatian Project as its European Debut
2021/10/31  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

On October 30, local time in Croatia, Shanghai Electric announced that lifting and assembly in the Senj project in Croatia, the group’s first wind power project in Europe, have been completed. The project has a total capacity of 156 MW and consists of 39 W4.0-136-100 onshore power units.

The Senj wind power project in Croatia is the first wind power project invested by Northern International Group in Europe. As the wind turbine supplier, Wind Power Group has faced multiple challenges together with the investor, such as the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, transcontinental delivery across oceans, construction in complex geographical environments and differential acceptance standards by the local government.

During the construction of the project, there were six ocean shipments, with an average shipping period of 35 days for a single shipment, all of which arrived at the port of Zadar smoothly. After the equipment arrived at the construction site, the construction staff encountered difficult situations such as bad weather, restricted working space and simultaneous operation of multiple working surfaces. Moreover, it was the first time they undertook the single blade lifting and assembly process. During the construction, the project team provided installation guidance to the constructors in strict accordance with the installation specifications, assigned dedicated personnel to supervise the installation, and actively solved the problems encountered at the site. All departments worked overtime and made full use of the available operation window to complete the installation task of the whole site.