Shanghai Metro Line 5 Integrated O&M Project Successfully Delivered
2021/01/06  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Dec. 26, 2020 - This morning, a ceremony was held at Jianchuan Road Site for the delivery of Shanghai Metro Line 5 Integrated O&M Project and the inauguration of Integrated Operation, Maintenance and Scheduling Command Center. As a co-created demo initiative for Integrated Intelligent O&M, this project highlighted that Shanghai Electric Group and Shentong Metro Group (SMG) were making remarkable progress in their strategic cooperation on rail transit. Song Bo, Vice President, SMG, and Yang Hong, Vice President, Shanghai Electric, cut the ribbon at the ceremony to celebrate the inauguration of Integrated Operation, Maintenance and Scheduling Command Center of Metro Line 5.

Song shared some insights into Shanghai Metro, and the key role of intelligent integrated O&M in driving the development of urban rail transit. He also recognized Shanghai Electric’s deep expertise and complete industrial system in the past two decades. Song said, the extensive competency of Shanghai Electric in rail transit electromechanical equipment R&D and manufacturing, and the abundant experience of SMB in rail transit construction, operation and maintenance, made this project an excellent opportunity for both parties to consolidate their strategic partnership. He hoped Shanghai Electric and SMB could maximize the combined forces to drive the “interdisciplinary innovation of integrated O&M models”, and the development of “Intelligent O&M and Health Management Platform”, so we could contribute to the transformation and “high-quality growth” of Shanghai rail transit system with industry-leading, innovative O&M models. Besides, this would also drive the integration of advanced manufacturing and modern services, and help to create full life cycle integrated, intelligent O&M solutions for three 1,000-km rail transit systems of Shanghai and the rail transit market of Yangtze River Delta area.

Yang Hong thanked the project team for their outstanding work. She said, Shanghai Electric was actively exploring the “Interdisciplinary Fusion and Multi-source Data Sharing” model, aiming to drive the intelligent transformation of asset management, O&M management, health management and emergency management in rail transit sector, and improve their reliability and safety in operation. The industry-leading "i-PHMart” Rail Transit Intelligent O&M and Health Management Platform was an example. Shanghai Electric wished to join hands with SMB in leveraging the combined strengths of “Made in Shanghai” and “Shanghai Service” to drive explorations and pilots in areas like organizational structure reform and compound training. Only in this way could we pull together an interdisciplinary rail transit O&M team, create an intelligent O&M and health management platform, and build an integrated O&M talent development system. In turn, these would enable us to improve the safety, reliability and intelligence of O&M services, by offering a full life cycle, integrated, intelligent O&M solution and technical supports to the mega rail transit network of Shanghai. Besides, this would also contribute the win-win growth of both parties.

Song and Yang also visited the Interdisciplinary Monitor Station at Dongchuan Road to learn the operation of mixed formation of 4-car/6-car trains.

Over 30 executives of Shanghai Electric Automation Group, Shanghai Electric Rail Transit Group, Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Group, SMB Operating Equipment Department and SMB O&M Department, functional offices and subsidiaries, were present at the ceremony.