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3MW/12MWh Optical Storage and Charge Project in Minhang Industrial Park
    • The project is built in the area of the Shanghai Electric Machinery Factory, considering the use of photovoltaic power generation systems, wind power generation systems, battery energy storage systems, charging facilities and supporting smart energy management and control systems to build a comprehensive energy system combining light storage and charging.

    • Configure 3MW × 4h energy storage system. Connected to the 6kV bus of Shanghai Electric Machinery Plant, using the two-charge and two-discharge operation strategy, charging in the late night valley, discharging in the peak in the morning, charging in the afternoon in the afternoon, and discharging in the peak in the evening, to reduce the cost of electricity used by the enterprise at peak.

The largest commercial and industrial energy storage project in Shanghai

A smart energy project co-invested by State Grid Shanghai Integrated Energy Services Co., Ltd.


  • Integrated solutions to fully meet customer needs

  • Serialized standard solutions to meet the needs of different application scenarios

  • Modular integration to achieve different inverter power and battery capacity combinations

  • Intelligent and comprehensive energy storage system management platform, real-time online monitoring and control, remote operation and maintenance and fault diagnosis

  • System integration intelligent management, simple and reliable, customized solutions

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