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Overseas Backup Power System Project
Suitable for remote switching offices, mobile communication equipment, ETC monitoring equipment, transmission equipment and microwave communication equipment。​The rack-mount design can support high energy density battery products. It can achieve the same energy supply with a height of 3U and a depth of 400mm;
    • Wide range of applicable scenarios

    • Smaller size and more energy

    • Centralized control, real-time monitoring

    • Comprehensive and multi-level protection

Reached strategic cooperation and signed relevant supply agreements with ZTE, Vertiv, Delta, Baidu, Fiberhome, etc

  • Integrated solutions to fully meet customer needs

  • Serialized standard solutions to meet the needs of different application scenarios

  • Modular integration to achieve different inverter power and battery capacity combinations

  • Intelligent and comprehensive energy storage system management platform, real-time online monitoring and control, remote operation and maintenance and fault diagnosis

  • System integration intelligent management, simple and reliable, customized solutions

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