Issuance and Management of Private Securities Funds
As a private fund manager, Shanghai Tourmaline Asset Management Co., Ltd. issues private securities funds and conducts investment management, creating long-term and stable returns for enterprises and individual clients.

Tourmaline AM has a stable investment style, with fluctuations and reversals better than the market average. From 2010 to 2018, the average annual return on group assets under Tourmaline’s management was about 13.2%. In 2016, the company issued its flagship fund products, Tourmaline Growth No. 1 and Tourmaline Multi Strategy No. 1. 

● Tourmaline AM focuses on absolute returns. It has a wealth of experience in state-owned asset securities investment management, skillfully uses a variety of product portfolio and operation strategies, creates absolute return investment models, and pursues long-term absolute returns with controllable risks.

● Tourmaline AM has sound risk control. It strictly controls the downside risks of the investment target, the risk of product net value reversals, and product operation risks.

● The company uses a diversified asset allocation strategy. Its investment scope covers stocks, bonds, funds, new shares, futures, and other assets and multiple strategies such as long-term stocks, new share investment, and arbitrage.

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