Based on the mature design of the 2.XMW platform, considering low and medium wind speed regions with the higher capacity and the more complex environmental adaptation requirement, Shanghai Electric introduced wind turbines with 126m, 135m and 146m rotor diameter compatible with different tower solutions, integrating the squirrel cage asynchronous generator and the full power converter technology, by which it realizes the perfect combination of unit capacity and sweeping efficiency, with excellent power generation and economic gains. The design concepts of the noise reduction, the pollution protection and the full power converter fully explain the green energy and the grid friendliness.

Reliable Selection in Low Wind Speed Regions

The 2.5MW platform products are aimed at the low and medium wind speed regions. Compared with the 2.XMW platform models, the 2.5MW wind turbine can further reduce the number of spots. At the region with high wind shear, the high tower solution can improve the power generation. Also, single blade hoisting technology in small venues can bring greater benefits to the customer investment.

Eco Friendly

Multi-driver design, more even load distribution, more stable operation, lower unit noise; The design of gearbox with higher torque can effectively reduce the speed of blade tip line. At the same time, the blade airfoil with independent intellectual property of Shanghai Electric is integrated with the design of the whole wind turbine to make the machine less noise. The blade can be equipped with the saw-tooth trailing edge based on Bionics to further reduce the turbine noise.

Reliability based on Quality

Technology sharing and components sharing is applied for 2.5MW platform. Same nacelle is applied for three type rotors. Except the drive chain, the main components of 2.5MW platform and 2.XMW platform can be shared, which enhances product reliability; The yaw system adopts multi-drive yaw technology to reduce yaw noise and improve system reliability; Adopting squirrel cage full power technology. Squirrel cage generator has no sliding ring with less maintenance. Squirrel cage motor has a wider speed range, which enables the wind turbine to have the best power generation; The brand-new intelligent control system, which can apply intelligent monitoring scheme for wind turbines, by which it can greatly improve the reliability and the


Efficiency based on Technology

The intelligent load reduction technology and the intelligent signal acquisition system are adopted to reduce the load and to extend the life of wind turbines. The intelligent power generation control technologies, such as ultra-low wind speed cut-in, intelligent over-generation and other strategies, are adopted to fully tap the power potential; The independent design of blade airfoil with the blunt trailing edge, increases the aerodynamic stability and the wind capture efficiency, achieves the best matching with the whole wind turbine, reduces load and improves power generation.

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