Laser Cutting Equipment
The company has leading laser cutting technology and can cut flexible materials, hard brittle materials (such as glass and sapphire) and plate materials (such as printed circuit board).Have industrial leading cutting speed and cutting quality.It’s applicable to lithium battery & glass panel processing, solar panel and other related industry.

    1) We can provide quick & high-precision laser cutting technology, and it’s applicable to hard, brittle, flexible and plate materials.

    2) Minimum and maximum dimensions of the base plate for processing materials can be 2” wafer and Gen 8.5 glass (2.200 mm x 2.500 mm) respectively.

    3) The size of workpieces can be different from square centimeter to square meter.

For many years, the company has leaped to industrial leading position in the field successfully and taken the lead in applying laser micro-processing technology to the cutting of different materials such as glass, metal, ceramics, fabrics, plastics, etc.

Have long-term professional knowledge and market leading status in various application fields in micromachining laser process, and excellent professional knowledge in optical system design field of beam shaping, light split and light guiding.


1)Cutting of hard brittle materials:

Silicon, Sapphire, Glass, Ceramic

2)Flexible materials 2D cutting and striping:

(Electrode) foil piece, Isolating membrane, Flexible printed circuit board (FPC), Textile fabrics, Leather, GRP knitted fabrics

3)Cutting of plate materials:

Sheet metal (ferrous metal and nonferrous metal), Plastic, Printed circuit board (PCB)

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