Metal 3D Printing Machine
Techgine owns metal 3d printing machine with independent intellectual property rights. From model processing, parameter optimization to printing equipment, the machine provides a complete set of operating system developed by itself and compatible with a third party software. Techgine helps designers to realize the concept of function first and maximize weight loss. It can form almost all complex structure.

    The main applications of metal 3d printing are aerospace, war industry, die making, medical treatment and R&D of colleges. Based on domestic leading multi beams scanning patent, Techgine machine's forming volume and efficiency is equal to industry leader. It can satisfy the rapid forming needs of Aerospace industry.

The technical team of Techgine is the first to prospose multi beams scanning, which is a new method of additive manufacturing. It is able to achieve large size,high deposition efficiency and high precision while guaranteeing the quality of parts forming.


Domestic inovation of "Mulit beam scanning forming". The forming volume is equal to industry leader. Industry leading technical team ensures stable and accurate printing equipment.SLM core technology achieves rapid prototyping of parts without die. It simplifies and speeds up the design cycle.

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