New Energy
Shanghai Electric with advanced technical advantages, the key equipment, rich projects experiences. using the demand response design and modular configuration, as well as depending on the diverse energy needs of users and the resource allocation status. and maximize the resource utilization by multiple scheme linkage.

    · Photovoltaic Power Generation

    · Gas-fired power generation and tri-generation system

    · City smart lighting

    · Charging and replacing batteries and energy storage

In the area of new energy, put priority on development of distributed system integration technique, and maximize the resource utilization by multiple scheme linkage.

TYPICAL CASE:  ·  Shanghai Electric Photovoltaic Power Generation Project in Mulei Photovoltaic Park  ·  Gas-fired Distributed Power Station in Anting Factory of Shanghai Volkswagen  ·  SAIC Anyo Super Charging Station (light storage microgrid)  ·  Shore Power Project of Shanghai Baoshan Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal

1) Have the EPC capacity for centralized and distributed photovoltaic power stations, and against the different demands of users, fulfi ll several types of photovoltaic power station projects by utilizing various inverters and support schemes.

2) In the development trend of “Clean energy supply”, “Multiple energy complement” and “Green economy”, Shanghai Electric realizes the gradient utilization of energy, by utilizing the gasfi red distributed energy supply technique, through the cold, heat and power tri-generation system, and its effi ciency of comprehensive energy utilization is up to more than 70%

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