Film Coating and Electroplating Equipment
The company has multiple leading film coating and electroplating process technologies and rich industrial experience, copper electroplating process of printed circuit board, electrode less plating process and chemical bath deposition (CBD) production equipment. Such technology and equipment can be applied to the production line of CIGS or CdTe thin film solar cell and printed circuit board.

    As the market leader in chemical wet process field in Taiwan and mainland China, we have long-term and rich experience for nearly 30 years and practical achievements of selling more than 3,000 sets of the equipment.

By virtue of more than 20 years’ experience in R&D of buffer layer, we have developed full-automatic In Line CBD equipment. ICBD (inline chemical bath deposition) system has light & handy design and small floor area, and is applicable to various production stages such as pilot production, mass production, etc. by virtue of high reliability and expandability. It has industrial leading production quality and efficiency.


1)Film coating: we have Butterfly Wobbling system with patent certification, which can ensure optimal combination of chemical compounds, so as to get good process uniformity and realize global fastest process time (156s deposition 50nm CdS).

2)Electroplating (metallization): our special clamps & jigs can ensure that printed circuit board can be conveyed through the mechanism smoothly and the current of each cathode can be controlled independently.

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