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Battery cells

    Lithium iron phosphate battery cell;Cycle life > 8000 times;Can be widely used in power generation side, grid side, user side, backup power and new energy automobile field.

BIG BRAND                                                                                                         SUPER QUALITY 

Endorsement from Shanghai Electric  Group                                            Advanced battery technology and production line

Technical support from Guoxuan Hightech                                               Standardized design                                                              

Seven domestic lithium battery production bases                                    Testing and certification by third-party authorities

Five lithium battery global research institutes 

HIGH SAFETY                                                                                   MAINTENANCE-FREE

Multi-level coordination control and protection                                          Cloud platform-based multifunctional management     

System-level refined thermal design and thermal management               Online real-time system monitoring and optimization

Flexible and efficient system solutions                                                      Remote fault diagnosis and early warning





High Safety Level

Cells are made of highly safe cathode and anode materials and provided with ceramic composite separators, safe function additives and a top cover that protects safety so that the safety of the cells is ensured.

High Efficiency

The electrochemical reaction rate of the ion transmission limitation is improved by the optimized cathode and anode materials and electrolyte and the structural design of electrodes to achieve a higher energy conversion efficiency of cells.

Long Service Life

Based on the fade mechanism of lithium-ion batteries as well as the electrochemical simulation of material systems, a long-life cathode and anode materials-electrolyte system is tailored to allow cells to have longer cycle life.

High Quality

Based on a scientific cell design, an international advanced production line is adopted to achieve high-efficiency mass production in a fully automated and intelligent manner, and the consistency of batteries is improved by implementing quality control through the entire process of the production line.

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