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Container Platform for Utility & Commercial ESS
    • Lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery with high energy density and long cycle life

    • Standardized components, modular architecture, easy expansion, flexible system capacity configuration which can realize megawatt energy storage applications

    • Overall systematic optimization design, high system conversion efficiency with black start function

    • With a variety of charge and discharge control strategies to support grid-connected and off-grid operation modes for seamless switching

    • Efficient battery module and system thermal design to meet the heat dissipation requirements of different working conditions

    • Perfect protection strategy to ensure safe and efficient operation of the system

    • Local monitoring function with high compatibility and scalability which can accept scheduling instructions from upper level EMS or background management system

BIG BRAND                                                                                                         SUPER QUALITY 

Endorsement from Shanghai Electric  Group                                            Advanced battery technology and production line

Technical support from Guoxuan Hightech                                               Standardized design                                                              

Seven domestic lithium battery production bases                                    Testing and certification by third-party authorities

Five lithium battery global research institutes 

HIGH SAFETY                                                                                   MAINTENANCE-FREE

Multi-level coordination control and protection                                          Cloud platform-based multifunctional management     

System-level refined thermal design and thermal management               Online real-time system monitoring and optimization

Flexible and efficient system solutions                                                      Remote fault diagnosis and early warning


Energy Storsge Container Model40-foot 2MWh 40-foot 1.98MWh
TypeEnergy Type (≤0.3C)Energy Type (≤0.5C)
Size(W*D*H)(mm) 2438*12192*2896 2438*12192*2896
Weight (T)3030
Rated voltage(V)729.6806.4
Operating voltage range (V)627~809 680.4~907.2
Rated capacity (Ah)230204.8
Rated energy (kWh)20161980
Rated charging & discharging power(kW)500500
Rated frequency (Hz)5050
IP protection levelIP54IP54
Optimum Operating Temperature (℃) -30~55 -30~55

Battery Container 40-foot 1.4MWh 40-foot 3.2MWh 40-foot 3.3MWh 40-foot 2.24MWh
TypePower typeEnergy Type(≤0.5C) Energy Type(≤0.5C)Energy Type(≤1C)
Size(L*W*H)(mm) 12192*2438*2896 12192*2438*2896 12192*2438*2896 13716*2438*2896
Weight (T)35404035
Rated voltage(V)729.6768672806.4
Operating voltage range (V)638.4~820.8 672~864 588~756 705.6~907.2
Rated capacity (Ah)160210315198.4
Rated energy (kWh)1400322033802240
IP protection levelIP54IP54IP54IP54

Optimum Operating Temperature (℃)

-30~55 -30~55 -30~55-30~55

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