Shanghai Electric Gotion New Energy Technology -
2MW/8MWh Project in an Industrial Park in Kunshan
    • The energy storage system monitors the real-time load of the plant, controls load demand under the premise of meeting the capacity limit of the distribution transformer, and reduces the demand charge of the plant by load shifting operation strategy;

    • At the same time, the charging and discharging control of energy storage system is carried out in peak and valley periods based on the difference of local electricity price, so as to reduce the electricity cost of the plant and obtain direct economic benefits.


The first user side energy storage projects in Jiangsu

Provide backup power supply service during power peak period


  • Integrated solutions to fully meet customer needs

  • Serialized standard solutions to meet the needs of different application scenarios

  • Modular integration to achieve different inverter power and battery capacity combinations

  • Intelligent and comprehensive energy storage system management platform, real-time online monitoring and control, remote operation and maintenance and fault diagnosis

  • System integration intelligent management, simple and reliable, customized solutions

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