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Synchronous condenser
It adopts the third-generation generator technology comprehensively and applies the million-grade thermal power and nuclear power technology to the camera regulator for the first time according to the concept of serialization and modular design, so as to ensure the products' high dynamic characteristics, high reliability, high operation and maintenance convenience.

    Orders for the 300Mvar Synchronous condenser are nearly 20 and 2 units in operation.Typical projects: Xiangtan, hunan; taizhou, jiangsu; linyi, shandong; nanjing, jiangsu; southern anhui; shaoling, henan; jinhua, zhejiang; fengxian, Shanghai.

The new generation is the world's first double-water inner cooling synchronous condenser, with internationally leading dynamic performance, reliable products, convenient operation and maintenance and equipped with the capability of two overhaul cycles without pumping rotor maintenance.

Product high dynamic characteristics, high reliability, high operation and maintenance convenience.

1) high dynamic characteristics of the product

Direct axis supertransient reactance X "du/X_d^" 11.14/10.24

Short circuit transient time constant T_d^ '(s) 0.71

Short circuit ratio 0.75

2) high reliability

The overall filling structure of stator end is of good integrity, high anti-halo ability and impact resistance.

Stator coil spherical joint water and electricity connection structure, robot automatic welding machine, strong impact resistance, ensure 100% electrical contact, prevent loose.

High strength, full compensation, creep resistance stator core, core punching robot automatically stacked.

Stator slot elastic anti-loose structure, robot assisted embedding line, highly elastic corrugated plate under slot wedge, elastic anti-loose, two overhaul cycles free of measurement of slot wedge tightness.

Adopt the third generation serialization and modularization oil-water system technology, double redundancy configuration of key components to ensure the reliability of the system.

3) high convenience of operation and maintenance

The adjustable synchronous condenser and its auxiliary system have one key to start and stop.

Intelligent monitoring and diagnosis system realizes unattended phase modulation unit.

The stator core intelligent detection system develops a thickness of 28mm to lower the special intelligent robot for the camera, so as to realize the detection of the operation condition of the tuner and the integrity of parts, the tightness of the slot wedge and the on-site el-cid detection of the core without pulling out the rotor.

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