New Records! Shanghai Electric Leads the Trend of Wind Turbine Blades
2022/08/03  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

A wind turbine blade plays a preconditioning role in increasing wind power use efficiency and profitability as a crucial part of turning wind power into mechanical energy and electricity, whose design, manufacturing and operation directly affect a wind turbine’s power generation efficiency. As bigger wind turbines have been used more and more frequently in the past few years, a large blade is regarded as an indicator of a manufacturer’s technological and production capability.

In July, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Electric Wind Power”) successfully produced the S112 blade for offshore wind turbines, which is fully developed on its own. With a length of 112 meters, it is so far the longest that has rolled off the assembly line in China, suggesting that Shanghai Electric Wind Power has elevated to the new era of large offshore wind turbine blades.


Since May 2016, Shanghai Electric Wind Power has in fact started to form a blade manufacturing system that converges technology R&D, manufacturing processes and management while assimilating leading expertise from foreign peers, and in the past few years, it has improved the comprehensive blade performance through digital and smart methods.

From 2016 on, Shanghai Electric Wind Power has delivered a wide range of competitive blades tailored for various clients based on its leading strength in offshore blade design and mature R&D system:

May 2017

The SE126 blade, independently developed by Shanghai Electric Wind Power, rolled off the production line, which adopts blunt trailing edge airfoils and a backward swept blade design to reduce load for the first time.

November 2018

The S84 glass fiber blade rolled off the production line, which is characterized by both high performance and low cost thanks to 3D simulation of flow field, integrated design, pneumatic accessories and other leading technologies.

December 2018

The newly-released B75 blade reduces maintenance costs significantly by addressing the fatigue property of the blade’s bonding face.

January 2020

The S72 blade, which has a better performance by increasing power generation efficiency and lowering noises, satisfies offshore turbines’ requirements for safety, reliability and anti-erosion as well as land turbine’s needs for low cost and light weight.

February 2021

The S90 blade newly produced is one of China’s blades independently developed for seas with low-to-medium wind speeds in line with GL2010 and IEC61400-5 standards, meeting requirements of stable and reliable power generation, load safety of blade roots, and lower weight and costs.

September 2021

The newly-produced S102 blade is independently developed in line with GL2015 and IEC61400-5 standards with maximized work efficiency and stability thanks to a number of cutting-edge technologies.

September 2021

The newly-produced S89 blade is the longest in terms of land turbines so far in the world, which improves power generation efficiency and security by large.

November 2021

The S85 blade rolled off the production line.

July 2022

The newly-produced S112 blade is the longest among all offshore wind turbine blades that rolled off the production line in China, which is engineered to be a life-cycle blade with advantages of highly stable capability of capturing wind power, well-balanced platform-based design, safe and reliable innovations and modularized materials.

High-performance and low-cost blades are critical to wind power equipment. Guided by the national “Dual Carbon Goals”, Shanghai Electric Wind Power hence will keep enhancing independent R&D and innovation of both blades and related technologies to deliver better blade solutions defined by low power costs, and support Shanghai Electric to fulfill its new energy development goals proposed in its “14th Five-Year Plan”.