Always Take the Lead! Shanghai Electric’s Turbines Top in Industry by Reliability Index
2022/08/06  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Recently, the National Energy Administration and China Electricity Council jointly convened a meeting in Beijing and released the 2021 power reliability indices. The indicators of 300MW, 600MW and 1000MW turbines show that Shanghai Electric stayed in high-ranking positions in the industry by annual equivalent unplanned outage hours and the quantity of 1000MW turbines. Data also shows that the equivalent unplanned outage hours of its 300MW and 600MW units ranked first in the industry. In addition, it had a total of 12 turbines awarded, accounting for 24% of all turbines listed, and took up 57% of all 1000MW units in the list, being far ahead of its peers.


Orienting customer-end problems, Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group plans to analyze reliability index data together with related companies to further improve its plans to create value for clients and increase their satisfaction.