Shanghai Electric, a leading global supplier of industrial-grade eco-friendly smart system solutions with a presence around the world, is dedicated to smart energy, intelligent manufacturing, and the integration of digital intelligence. Keeping up with the trends of high-end, eco-friendly, and smart growth, we apply our technological empowerment experience to promote high-quality industrial development both in China and around the globe and to generate green, sustainable value for a better human existence.

At Shanghai Electric, which is known as the center of China's power sector, we have claimed several national and international firsts over the past 120+ years. We won the China Industry Awards and boasts the highest brand value in China's machinery industry, at 215.628 billion CNY. In the smart energy field, we are creating solutions for multi-energy complementation between wind, solar, and hydrogen storage, as well as an integrated process of generation, grid, load, and storage. Furthermore, we also stay committed to constructing a new generation of comprehensive global electricity systems and all-round zero-carbon industrial parks. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, we provide solutions for Li-ion production lines, digital healthcare, rail transit and general equipment. In the field of digital intelligence integration, exceptional competence for extreme manufacturing enables us to deliver system solutions across many industry chains, including new energy automotive, large passenger aircraft, contemporary marine and digitization. Upholding the principles of opening up and mutually beneficial collaboration, we promote worldwide innovation and eco-friendly sustainable development through partnerships with global clients, partners, workers, and other creative minds by cooperating with more than 70 of the world's most prestigious enterprises.

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In the future, Shanghai Electric will focus on low-carbon development and digital transformation by opening up new arenas and promoting new growth drivers, and will strive to be a leader in the pursuit of the "Dual Carbon Goals", new energy equipment production, and high-end equipment localization, utilizing the boundless opportunities in an innovative industrial ecosystem!

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