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Annual Production
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Unplanned Outage Rate of HP Industry Ranking

Shanghai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Plant (SAP) was established in 1980 and is affiliated to the Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group (SECPG) of Shanghai Electric Corporation . The company has developed to be a first-class supplier of auxiliary industry through technology transfer & digestion, innovation and independent R&D.

The company, with a history of more than 80 years, was originated from the birthplace of China modern industry - Yangshupu Road at the bank of Huangpu River. In the 1950s, the company was named as Shanghai Boiler Works. The first boiler of 6000KW thermal power unit and the first boiler of 125MW thermal power unit in China were manufactured here... In 1980, Shanghai Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Works was set up based on Yangshupu plant of Shanghai Boiler Works so as to meet the needs of specialized production. Since April 2007, the company has been renamed as Shanghai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. Power Station Auxiliary Equipment Plant (SAP) after SECPG and Siemens formed an integrated equity joint venture. In January 2019, the new operation mode was set up in the form of “Longchang Road Operation Center + Lingang Factory” when the company was relocated and transformed in line with the Government's Pujiang River development as well as the development of the Auxiliaries Sector. The operation center is located at No. 621, Longchang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai. It covers an area of nearly 17,000 square meters and is mainly engaged in technical R&D, marketing, project management and comprehensive management. Lingang Factory is located at No. 186, Yitian Road, Pudong District, Shanghai. It covers an area of about 210,000 square meters and focuses on intelligent production and pilot test under the three high requirements of “high qualification, high-tech products and high value-added production”, to provide strong manufacturing capabilities.

The company specializes in the manufacture of high temperature and high pressure tube heat exchangers, covering HP and LP heaters, condensers, HP and LP deaerators and water storage tanks for 25MW to 1300MW nuclear power and thermal power (supercritical, subcritical) units, as well as closed circulation water heat exchanger, turbine bypass system, high temperature and high pressure power station valves, chemical water treatment equipment, nuclear energy containers, etc. SAP is the largest professional design and manufacturing company of power station auxiliary equipment with the largest scale, the most variety and the highest market coverage. It is also the first domestic manufacturer to enter into the nuclear power field and successfully developed the conventional island and nuclear island equipment of 300MW-1000MW nuclear power units. The company is also the only domestic large-scale enterprise of power station auxiliary equipment, ranking among the top 100 industrial enterprises in Shanghai and the top 500 of machinery industry in China. The domestic market share of the company exceeds 40% for 300MW to 900MW large-scale auxiliary equipment, and SAP has now become a pacesetter company of auxiliary machine industry in China with international influence.

SAP has successively obtained the National Special Equipment Design and Manufacture License, the Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment Manufacturing License, the Civil Nuclear Safety Equipment Design License, the ASME Association U and U2 Pressure Vessel Design and Manufacture Authorization and the Symbol Stamp, GB/T19001-IS09001 Quality System Certification etc.

In recent years, the company has continuously explored and fostered new industries, accelerated the pace of development and transformation, changed the growth mode, and pursued sustainable development under the guidance of the development strategy of SEC and SECPG. Significant progress has been made in the fields of seawater desalination and nuclear power nuclear island equipment. The company has successively researched, developed and manufactured the first domestic seawater desalination equipment for Huanghua Power Plant with a daily output of 10,000 tons of fresh water, the world’s first nuclear power AP1000 accumulator tank, nuclear power EPR, moisture separator reheater (MSR) and other major new products. At the same time, the company’s industry scope has been expanded to new energy and new businesses such as solar thermal, marine energy and urban water with a future-oriented development vision.

At present, the company has based on the development strategy of Shanghai Electric Corporation’s “Three-Step” strategy, seizes the international development opportunity of the “Belt and Road Initiative” national strategy, and carries forward the spirit of “self-improvement, self-challenge, striving for the first and commitment to excellence”. The company will expand the global vision, realize the new layout of technology, products and market, continuously enhance the three major capabilities of new product development, equipment system service and market competition, and create a domestic leading engineering company with international influence to provide solutions for water, energy power and heat exchange system in industrial fields, to take the construction of the first-class enterprise as the benchmark, with the power station auxiliary equipment, nuclear Level 2 & 3 equipment, solar thermal products as the core of industrial development, with energy-saving and environmental protection, green wisdom as the industrial development orientation, and with “strengthening the stock, enlarging the increment” as industry development foundation.

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