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Shanghai Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Testing Centre Co., Ltd. (SETC) is reconstructed based on the central testing laboratory of Shanghai Huatong Switchgear Factory which was founded in 1957. It was one of the earliest testing laboratories in China, who were able to issue testing reports as qualification certification for high-voltage electrical apparatus. Its qualification has been authorized by the mechanical and industrial bureau. It had strong connection with the entire high voltage apparatus testing industry in China. SETC was officially registered in 2004. It got the accreditation of CMA and CNAS as an independent third-party laboratory, providing quality testing for HV power transmission & distribution equipment in February 2006. In 2012, with the approval of China Machinery Industry Federation and Ministry of Information and Technology, SETC has formed MIQC with the same accredited testing scope and got the updated accreditation of CNAS and CMA. 

With the consecutive efforts, SETC is developing with fast pace. Currently, the accredited testing scope includes 39 different products. The clients are all over China, including the most influential manufacturers in China. SETC produces nearly 1000 testing reports annually and 100 English reports based on IEC standards. It has made great contribution in the technical development of domestic power distribution and transmission industry, the progress of the electric network development and helping the domestic enterprises to entering the international markets.   

SETC is the cooperated testing laboratory of State Grid, the switchgears quality testing laboratory approved by SINOPEC, member of China High Power Testing Liaison (CHPTL), member of High-voltage Switchgear Standardization Technical Committee of China, member of High-voltage Switchgear and Direct-current Power Standardization Technical Committee of China Electric Power Industry, member of High-voltage Switchgear IEC expert working group of china, member of Energy Industry Short-circuit Test Standardization Technical Committee of National Energy Administration, member of High Power Testing Technical Committee of China Electro-technical Society, member of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, member of Electric Power Technology Collaboration(EPTC), vice chairman and expert committee member of intelligent power transmission & Distribution Industry Alliance and member of Shanghai Electric Power Industry Association. Additionally, SETC is one of the productive service pilots and innovative high technology enterprise specified by Shanghai Government, and the first one verified in service standardization of Shanghai power transmission & distribution equipment testing by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. SETC is also accredited for the national safety enterprise Class B. It won the title of enterprise of harmonious employment in Shanghai. SETC has been always active in drafting and revising GB, DL , NB standards and standards for material   procurement of National State Grid, and invited to participate in the technology proposal verification meetings, the meetings of accidents analysis, the inspection of factories, the discussion meetings for construction of factories and professional training for constructors and workers. Nowadays, the reputation and brand of SETC has been stepping into the first tier in the domestic market.

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