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Shanghai Electric BrightSource Solar Energy Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “CJV”) is founded in 2015 by Shanghai Electric and BrightSource on a 50/50 basis. It is committed to development and application of concentrated solar power (“CSP”) technology and has become a supplier of complete sets of CSP equipment. We can undertake the engineering, complete sets of equipment supply, installation, commissioning and project EPC for tower CSP, solar enhanced oil recovery, solar sea water desalinization and ISCC system. In turn-key EPC model, CJV is able to provide a comprehensive solution for CSP plant by applying BrightSource’s technology and experiences in engineering, procurement, construction and operation of the world's largest CSP plant and Shanghai Electric’s strength in global market development.

Shanghai Electric, as the parent company of CJV, is one of the largest comprehensive equipment manufacturing enterprises in china. Its main product is energy equipment, with extraordinary advantages of manufacturing large-scale professional equipment such as turbine generator, solar receiver, air cooling condenser, thermal energy storage, and heat exchanger. Relying on the equipment manufacturing platform of Shanghai Electric, CJV can supply CSP core equipment with specialty, entirety and advancement, and also has shorter production cycle and more competitive price.

BrightSource, as the other parent company of CJV and the world-leading solar thermal technology provider, has unique advantages in solar thermal power engineering. It boasts the ability of overall plant engineering and its core competitiveness lies in optimized high efficiency solar field engineering and precise solar field control system. By building a molten salt receiver demonstration project in SEDC of Israel and the world’s largest CSP plant in Ivanpah of the US, BrightSource has accumulated rich engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation experience. It constantly improves and optimizes its core technology such as the operation strategy, solar field layout and performance models based on actual experiences utilized in the CSP plants, and applies in its Ashalim projects currently under construction. CJV, as the exclusive platform for BrightSource to develop projects in China, has applied BrightSource’s CSP technology and developed overall engineering strengths in plant configuration, operation parameters, solar receiver, and thermal storage system through its practices in many projects in China.

Overall, CJV provides turnkey solutions with additional key value. We have a team with rich experiences in CSP, wide-range supply chain in power industry, world-class technology and equipment, the most competitive equipment delivery plan, environment friendly design, as well as a CSP system fully integrated and optimized. 

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