40+ PCS
30000+ Magewatt
annual production capacity
3+ million Magewatt
Accumulative manufacturing of generator equipment

Enterprise spirit:Cohering wills;Glowing enthusiansm;Seeking exceleence;Striving for first.

Enterprise mission: To bring light and engine for the society

Enterprise vision: To be the most competitive generating equipment manufacturer(supplier) in the world.

Enterprise core value: Adhere to the sense of crisis;Adhere to focusing on clients;Adhere to benchmarking with first-class enterprise;Adhere to quality first;Adhere to advocating the standards;Adhere to shared responsibility 

(I) Enterprise Profile

Shanghai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co Ltd Generator Plant is a joint venture established in December 1995 with Siemens.The enterprise  is one of the largest and most advanced power generation equipment suppliers in the world.

(ii) Personnel Profile

The enterprise has 250 technicians, including 51 masters and 6 doctors.The enterprise takes the international first-class as the goal.We have increased investment in science and technology, focused on independent innovation and cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes, and made innovations in personnel training mechanisms.It has made historic breakthroughs in such major projects as ultra-supercritical 1000MW thermal power plant, nuclear power plant and gas turbine generator, obtained a series of technical achievements and patents, and its leading products have reached the international advanced level. It has been awarded the first prize of national and Shanghai scientific and technological progress award, national key new product, Shanghai famous brand product and other honorary titles for many times.Export to Pakistan, Iran, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries.

(iii) Product Advantages

The enterprise  build "five core business processes", including Product Development Process (PDP), Project Management (PM), Technology Development Process(TDP), Market Technology Process (MTP) and Service Process (SP).Focusing on the five performance indicators of efficiency, temperature rise, vibration, noise and hydrogen leakage, the enterprise forms ten core technologies and forward-looking development routes of generator technology.And adopt advanced product serialization, structure modularization, material parts standardization method, formed water hydrogen hydrogen, full hydrogen cooling, dual water cooling, air cooling five series, 40+ models of products, determine the world's advanced generator product development route, leading the product market;Build collaborative design platform, improve enterprise standard system, promote SAP information, benchmark world-class enterprises, establish the world's advanced generator technology management development route;And applied to the 3 g technology to build a "world first" products (water level of 1200MW hydrogen generator, the double water cooled generator within 660MW, 500MW gas turbine generator, uniaxial 300MVar condenser island), to build "three generations" the entire range of water hydrogen generators 

(600MW class three generation, 300 MW class within three generations of dual water GVPI technology is applied in the cooled generators, 30MW ~ 300MW grade three generations of air cooling generators, the upgrade to 3 g EPC 600MW / 300MW grade capacity of modified generator), to ensure product performance of advanced and reliable structure,And with high cost performance, constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

(iv) Honor Profile

The enterprise has achieved good economic and social benefits in strengthening enterprise management and actively exploring domestic and foreign markets.Over the past half century or so, several generations of predecessors, bearing the historical mission of revitalizing China's equipment manufacturing industry, have created "world no. 1" and "China no. 1" one after another.Enterprise has won the national May 1 labor award, the home of the national model worker, Shanghai civilization unit, Shanghai worker most satisfied enterprise, Shanghai demonstration unit with harmonious labor relations, quality gold award of Shanghai, Shanghai modernization of enterprise management innovation achievement award, Shanghai brand certification, the mayor of Shanghai quality prize, ministry radical group, made "smart" demonstration project of the honorary title, and was included in the "China machinery top 500" many times.

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