Development Areas and Directions

☆Epc project general contracting

The group has the second-class qualification for general contracting of electric power projects at home and abroad (general contracting of electric power projects of 220kv and below), and can provide general contracting solutions for power transmission and distribution projects including financing schemes. So far, the completed power transmission and distribution EPC projects are distributed in more than 10 countries and regions in Asia and Africa.

☆Power plant

The group has strong equipment manufacturing and engineering contracting capabilities in the field of power supply and distribution in power plants, providing power plant customers with one-stop customized power supply and distribution services throughout the life cycle. Its products such as power transformers, high and low voltage metal enclosed switchgear, cables and their accessories, and power plant integrated automation systems, which are suitable for power supply and distribution systems in power plants, have been widely used in major power plants at home and abroad.

☆Petrochemical industry

As a large-scale power transmission and distribution equipment supplier, the group has always paid attention to the power supply and distribution requirements of the petrochemical industry, and has continuously improved its product structure by using long-term accumulated rich experience and continuously innovative product technologies, thus creating a rich product series for the petrochemical industry. Its 220kv and below transformers, 110kv-220kv high voltage gas insulated switches (GIS), 35kv and below medium and low voltage switchgear, 220kv and below cables and accessories and other products have excellent characteristics of high protection, high reliability and intelligence, which not only can adapt to the complex application environment of petrochemical enterprises, but also can meet the needs of petrochemical enterprises for intelligent power supply and distribution systems. The self-developed energy management system and a new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly miniaturized power supply and distribution equipment can help customers effectively improve energy efficiency.

☆Public transport

The group is committed to providing reliable and maintenance-free intelligent power supply and distribution system solutions for customers in the high-speed development of electrified railways, urban rail transit, airports, ports, highways and other transportation fields. The main products include a number of series of power transformers, complete sets of switching equipment, wires and cables and accessories, data acquisition and monitoring protection systems, and power quality control equipment, etc. The series of pre-installed transformer substation products specially developed for urban rail transit DC traction can reach the international advanced level in technology, and realize a series of functions such as power feed-out from high-voltage power grid, voltage reduction, rectification, DC feed-out, protection, system control and monitoring. The group has the capability of system integration and engineering contracting, and each set of personalized solutions can provide customers with complete life cycle operation and maintenance services.

Intelligent buildings and industrial parks

The group has outstanding sales performance in intelligent buildings and industrial parks. It has a full series of power transformers, high and low voltage switchgear, wires and cables, accessories, medium and low voltage switchgear components and power quality control equipment that meet the design requirements of buildings and industrial parks. It can fully meet the high reliability and high quality power supply requirements of customers. At the same time, the group has a comprehensive intelligent management system that specially serves commercial buildings and industrial parks. The system introduces advanced SCADA, intelligent management technology and friendly human-computer interaction interface, which can help customers effectively improve energy efficiency and provide users with an all-round and cost-effective comprehensive solution for intelligent power management.

New energy

The group has a strong research and development capability for new energy access systems and has mastered many core patented technologies. In the field of large-scale wind power generation, through the combination of technology introduction and independent innovation, a full range of wind power electronic control products including megawatt wind power converter, main controller, variable pitch controller and large-scale wind farm energy management system have been developed, and complete sets of wind farm electronic control systems can be customized according to customer requirements. In the field of photovoltaic power generation, the group has a complete set of primary and secondary products for power transmission and distribution, including photovoltaic inverters, AC/DC switching equipment, full station energy management system, DC cables and accessories, which can provide customers with a complete overall solution for photovoltaic power stations and has the capability of engineering contracting. In addition, the group also has strong financing capability and perfect operation and maintenance service system in the new energy field.

Ferrous metallurgy

The group has tailored a series of high-quality power transmission and distribution products according to the characteristics of customers in the iron and steel metallurgy industry, which can provide overall solutions and related services. The products are rich in categories and advanced in technology, covering all aspects of power transformation, distribution and control protection of power supply and distribution systems in iron and steel metallurgical enterprises, and can fully meet the high reliability, high quality and intelligent power supply requirements of iron and steel metallurgical enterprises.