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       Shanghai Electric Nuclear Power Equipment Co., Ltd(SENPEC) is one of the companies belonging to Shanghai Electric Group and established in Shanghai Lingang Heavy Equipment Industry Area in December of 2006. SENPEC owns the experience of 40 years of manufacturing nuclear power plant equipment of Shanghai Electric, the QA Program whose core is nuclear safety culture, the customer and partner from home and the foreign and much source channel. SENPEC is the professional manufacturer with the most kind of nuclear power equipment and advanced equipment and technology.
       Based on all the human resource, technology and over 500 equipments for nuclear power equipment, according to the national nuclear development plan and the main technology of nuclear power equipment’s development, It has the capacity of 6 sets of nuclear power plant Reactor pressure vessel(RPV), Steam Generator(SG) and Pressurizer(PRZ) in SENPEC, which is from 200MW to 1400MW. There is more than 50 thousand square meter of shop and the maximum lifting capability of 1400t in SENPEC. Moreover, there is self-owned wharf with 5000t of ship and tools in SENPEC, which provides good transportation and puts solid foundation for the batch manufacture of nuclear power equipment.
       SENPEC has the reasonable QA Program and Structure. The personnel of QA, Technology and Manufacture with high quality are familiar with the specialty of 1000MW nuclear power equipment and equipped with powerful technology innovation and new product research. Welding engineering center, NDE Center, Physical&Chemical Center and Calibration Center provide advantage of new product research. Based on the cooperation with the famous nuclear company from America, Europe, Japan and other countries, SENPEC has acquired advanced manufacture technology of million watts nuclear equipment with the support of these cooperation technology partners. According to the manufacture process and experience from home and the foreign, SENPEC has achieved the material resource, the perfection administration to assure logistics and the advantage in the field of technology and manufacture efficiency.
      SECPEC has set the guide line as “Great Responsibility, Great Quality” and the promise as “the product quality is always under control”. In the newly manufacture of nuclear plant, SENPEC has cooperated with the famous nuclear company in the world, enlarge the clean energy manufacture and service human beings.

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