606 million yuan
15.378 million yuan
Net profit
186 persons

Shanghai Electric-KSB Nuclear Pumps & Valves Co., Ltd. (SEC-KSB) is a joint venture established by SEC and KSB  in September 2008, with a share ratio of 55 % (SEC) / 45 % (KSB). 


It has manufactured and delivered more than 250 sets of nuclear class and conventional pumps since it was put into operation in the end of 2011, including residual heat removal pumps, condensate pumps and auxiliary pumps for AP1000 Sanmen and Haiyang projects, and charging pumps, residual heat removal pumps, low pressure injection/safety containment spray pumps, and condensate pumps for HPR1000 Fuqing Unit 5, residual heat removal pumps for Zhangzhou Unit 1, and main feedwater pump sets for CAP1400 project. The RVMs supplied for British Hinkley Point C NPP was shipped in Decemeber, 2022.

In addition, it has provided 3 RSRs for HPR1000 Zhangzhou Unit 1, and will provide 3 more for Unit 2.  It will supply 6 RSRs for HPR1000 San’ao Unit 1 & 2. The 4 RUVs it designed and produced for CAP1400 Unit 1 have been delivered by the end of the 1st half of 2022. Meanwhile, it will provide 4 RUVs for CAP1400 Unit 2 and 8 RUVs for CAP1000 Bailong Unit 1 & 2.


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