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Shanghai Electric Chengguang Power Engineering Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called “the Company”) is an enterprise held by Shanghai Electric Power T&D Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter called “SEPTDG”). 

The company is mainly engaged in EPC Project of 220 KV and below transformer and distribution、General Contracting Project、Professional Subcontracting Project、Operation and Maintenance Service Project、Major modification Project、Design of Construction Engineering of Electric Power Specialty、Professional High-end Lighting System Project、Integrated Energy Services Project, etc. The company has its own professional construction team, including transformer substation, electric power cable, debugging and maintenance, electric power piping and non-evavaction Project. The company is the general agent of Germany high-end LED brand LANZ in China.

The following Qualification Certificates have been awarded to the Company by the relevant Chinese Government Authority:

1. Shanghai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Management Committee has awarded the following Certificates to the Company:

Construction Enterprise Qualification Certificate:

A. General contracting for power engineering construction :Class 3;

B. Civil Project Construction General Contracting: Class 3;

C. Municipal Public Work Construction General Contracting: Class 3;

D. Power Transmission & Transformation Project Professional Contracting : Class 3;

E. Civil Electromechanical Project Specialized Contracting: Class 3;

F. City & Road Lighting Project Specialized Contracting: Class 3;

G. Foundation Project Specialized Contracting : Class 3;

H. environmental protection Project Specialized Contracting : Class 3;

I. Construction Enterprise Qualification Labor Service Subcontracting but nonrated.

Engineering Design Qualification:

A. Electric Power Industry (Power Transmission Engineering) : Class B

B. Electric Power Industry (Substation Engineering): Class B

2.  East China Electricity Administration has awarded the following Certificate to the Company:

Permission for Electrical Installation (Repairing, Trial). The licensing categories and grades as follows: Bearing category is Class B, repairing category is Class B and Trial category is Class C.

3. Shanghai Underground Pipeline Association has awarded the following Certificate to the Company:

Pipeline Project Horizontal Directional Crossing Enterprise Capability Level 2.

4.  Shanghai Municipal Highway Guild has awarded the following Certificate to the Company:

Registration Certificate of Conditions of employment of Shanghai Road Maintenance.

5.  Shanghai Power Supply Bureau has awarded the following Certificate to the Company:

Power Grid Entry Permit.

6. Certificate of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety Management System was awarded by national certification organization (2009).

The company has rich professional construction experience and a professional team with excellent technology to provide comprehensive and reliable high-quality services for the construction of the electric power industry. Since its establishment, it has undertaken construction projects for power companies and users with a wide geographical area ,which gets high praise from the following departments of power supply and construction:

General contracting  for Shanghai Tianxiang Overseas Chinese City Investment Co., Ltd.;

HV & LV Power Transformation & Distribution for Commercial Office Real Estate Development Project of Transportation hub in Jing ’an District ,shanghai ;

General contracting  for  HV & LV Power Supply for Shanghai Yuexing Global Commercial Center;

General contracting  for Power Transformation & Distribution for Changzhou Yuexing Jiangnan Global part;

General contracting  for Shanghai Construction Project of Zhou Kanghang Residential Complex;

Multiple Engineering Projects like Transformer Installation of Multiple 110KV, 35KV and 10KV New/Reconstructed Power Stations、Installation of pipe jacking in and out line、Cable laying for in and out line, etc.

In order to maintain the core competitiveness of the company and sustainable development, the company is guided by its development strategy and policy. Practical, Pioneering, Realistic and Enterprising as Enterprise Spirit are fully being promoted by the Company. Carrying out "Quality First, Service First, Safety First, Customer First, Realistic Innovation and Sustainable Development"; "People-oriented, abiding by regulations, improving the environment, saving energy and reducing consumption, preventing pollution and continuing improvement"; "Pay attention to occupational health and safety, adhere to the coordinated development of quality, environmental protection and safety". And carrying out the following Purposes: "Everyone from their own start, abide by the 'Five do not harm', to prevent accidents." To make due contributions to the power industry development  in Shanghai and its surrounding areas.

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