Shanghai Electric Wins a Bid for the World's First "Wind Power-Fishery" Integration Project
2022/11/07  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Recently, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. won the bid for the world's first floating offshore wind power and fishery farming integration project, as the supplier of its main equipment and towers.

The project, located on the northeast of Nanri Island in Putian City, Fujian Province, with a depth of about 35 meters underwater, is developed by the Fujian Longyuan Offshore Wind Power Co., Ltd. of Longyuan Power Group. A floating wind turbine will be built based on the innovative concept of “generating power and farming fish simultaneously” to realize the shared use of “platform structure, ocean space and operation capabilities”.

Shanghai Electric Wind Power has fully ensured the safety and reliability of the system from three aspects: design, experimental verification, and digitally-enabled operation and maintenance, in order to ensure the stable operation of the floating wind turbine under harsh offshore conditions for better and sustained harvest of wind energy.

With the development of offshore wind power into deep sea, the Group is ready for the development and application of floating and deep sea wind farms. Shanghai Electric Wind Power has participated in two major floating offshore wind power technology research projects, “Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Load Calculation and Pneumatic and Torque Control Methods” and “Integrated Simulation Research of Floating Wind Turbine based on TLP”, organized by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, which have been closed after expert evaluation.

Under the trend of new energy integration, Shanghai Electric Wind Power will take the world’s first floating offshore wind power and fishery integration project as an opportunity to continuously optimize models and application scenarios through technological innovation, promote the integration of multiple energy sources, facilitate the collaborative development of energy industry and other industries, and create a new ecosystem for their co-existence and co-prosperity.