Lingang Medium-Capacity T2 Line, a Shanghai Electric Project, Went into Trial Operation
2022/11/04  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

On October 28, Shanghai Lingang Medium-Capacity Line 2 (T2 Line), a construction project of Shanghai Electric Group Intelligent Transportation Technology Co., Ltd., went into trial operation, marking China’s second medium-capacity digital rail line equipped with iDRT system to be open for operation.


During the construction of the T2 Line, Shanghai Electric provided the system equipment and integrated solutions for digital-rail transport, operation control and management, and integrated communications. The line adopts digital magnetic pins as the virtual track and the hydrogen-powered rubber-tired tram as the vehicle carrier, which boasts operational and control advantages including a track-based, digital, and intelligent system. Meanwhile, the sensors equipped on the bottom of the vehicle and the central controller at both ends of the vehicle integrate the precise sensing technology, coordination control algorithm and intelligent operation management technology, and realize the vehicle operation control management whose main functions are automatic tracking, assisted operation and safety protection. Furthermore, advanced assisted driving makes it possible to keep the vehicle running precisely along the digital track.

The T2 Line is 8.7 km long, from Dishuihu Station to Shuihualu Station, with nine groups of stations (including six new groups of ten stations) in between. When T2 Line goes into operation, it will form a multi-routing common-line operation with T1 Line, which enables multi-station interchange, form a multi-line network operation with T1 Line, another construction project of Shanghai Electric, and connect with six medium-capacity lines in Lingang New Area to form a loop and the bus artery of Lingang. In the future, Shanghai Electric will provide integrated intelligent system solutions for low- and medium-capacity transportation in more cities, and contribute to the construction and development of urban public transportation.