Shanghai Electric Holds Technology & Talent Conference
2022/10/28  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Shanghai Electric Technology and Talent Conference themed “Recruiting Talents on Intelligence and Innovation For Future” was held on the morning of October 28. Leng Weiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Electric Group addressed the meeting with Liu Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, as the moderator. Cai Xiaoqing, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, also attended.

Jiang Yiren sent a congratulatory letter who used to be the chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee and an official of Shanghai Electric. He sincerely hoped that Shanghai Electric could unite talents together and support them to utilize their innovation strengths, and encouraged technicians and engineers to thoroughly learn and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress while propelling innovation-driven development. By doing so, Shanghai Electric would take the lead on the Chinese path to modernization by promoting high-quality development and boosting China’s strength in manufacturing, product quality and digital development.




On behalf of the Party Committee of Shanghai Electric Group, Leng Weiqing extended her most sincere gratitude to employees involved in scientific and technological work. In 2021, under the strong leadership of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal People’s Government as well as the direction and support of Shanghai Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Shanghai Electric fulfilled the responsibilities of a state-owned enterprise in implementing national major strategic tasks and China’s strategies of localization and achieving the “dual carbon goals” thanks to concerted efforts and diligence demonstrated by engineers and technicians in front of domestic and overseas challenges like the virus. They made a number of scientific and technological innovations and played an important role in the Group's high-quality development.

She underlined that despite successes made, employees of all levels must have a clear and correct idea of the status quo and bottlenecks that would hinder Shanghai Electric from going further. Only by taking the path of high-quality development empowered by technology, innovation and top talents, can Shanghai Electric pave way for and support the implementation of its 14th “Five-year Plan”. Party organizations at all levels must perform their first and foremost responsibilities in reinforcing technological innovation and talent development, and strengthen the consciousness of self-reliance on science and technology and confidence in independent innovation by upholding the principle of “science and technology as our primary productive force” and promoting technology-driven high-quality development. We must act in the principle “talent is our primary resource” to motivate high-quality development with high-level talents. All affiliated companies must regard talents’ quantity and quality as equally important, and make every effort to recruit top researchers, build a more favorable research environment and improve result-oriented evaluation systems. We must regard innovation as our primary driver of growth to inspire new momentum and create innovation ecosystems from within. With innovations in technology sources and systems at the center, we strive to develop robust innovation ecosystems. We must focus on the principle “new markets are the primary chance for replacing old growth drivers with new ones” and mobilize all resources of the Group to boost businesses in “4+2+X” segments with the goal of industrialization. By achieving watershed results in new areas, we resolve to replace old growth drivers with new ones for continuous economic development, and to enhance technological innovation and talent development. As an enterprise of national significance, we must carry out our duties and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress with practical actions.

Liu Ping announced the five “technology expert studios of Shanghai Electric” and presented badges to studios’ chiefs and representatives. Zhu Zhaokai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Electric Group and Chairman of Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical Labor Union, announced technology experts and leaders of “4+2+X” projects. Yang Hong, Deputy President of Shanghai Electric, announced projects obtaining “Shanghai Electric Excellence Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation”, and presented certificates and awards to individuals and project representatives.

Shanghai Electric released its digital transformation white paper titled Combination of Digitalization and Manufacturing and Intelligent Empowerment, testing and experimentation shared platform, “E+” young talent development system and new talent policies for “4+2+X” segments (the achievement of No.1 research project accomplished by the Party Committee of Shanghai Electric Group). It is worth noting that the white paper targets at digitalization of Shanghai Electric’s equipment manufacturing business, representing efforts to promote the digital transformation of Shanghai. The paper summarizes the know-how about how Shanghai Electric digitally transforms equipment manufacturing in its own way. It includes 34 digital scenarios of 8 kinds, 23 cases of 7 types like digital transformation planning and intelligent manufacturing and 51 digital tools and products of 5 categories including platforms, software and digital technologies. Therefore, it is facilitate high-quality development of all industries as a potential reference book for workers and employees involved in digitalization.

What was more, Shanghai Electric’s departments inked innovation cooperation agreements with East China University of Science and Technology, Electricite De France and Ideal Energy (Shanghai) Sunflower Semiconductor Equipment Co., Ltd.

Zhang Tao and Liu Xia shared their knowledge and experience at the meeting, the former of whom is a state-level expert at Shanghai Electric Healthcare Group, and the latter is a national model worker at Shanghai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. Turbine Generator Works.

The conference was attended by C-level leaders of the group, heads of the headquarters’ departments, industrial groups and key subsidiaries, technology professionals and external guests online and offline.