Shanghai Electric Presents Big Wind and Solar Projects Solutions of Building New Power System Series
2022/10/12  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

On the afternoon of October 11, the Forum for Big Wind and Solar Projects Solutions of Building New Power System Series was convened at the Wisdom Park in Yangpu District, whose theme was “Create Future By Fulfilling Dual Carbon Goals With Internet Tools”. Zhu Zhaokai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Electric Group and Chairman of Shanghai Electrical and Mechanical Labor Union, and Jin Xiaolong, Member of the Party Committee and Deputy President of Shanghai Electric, delivered speeches at the forum.




As an important event on the agenda of Shanghai Electric’s series of “Dual Carbon Goals”-themed sessions, the forum focused on “Big Wind and Solar Projects Solutions of Building New Power System Series” and selected 7 excellent examples of practical application out of nearly 50 reports submitted. Targeted at wind-and-solar-related scenarios on smart control, coal combustion, hydrogen station, plantation and grid enhancement, these examples illustrated Shanghai Electric’s plans and exercises in the construction of big wind and solar projects as it advocated businesses in various segments, and highlighted its strong capability of providing different equipment and services for the same scenario as a world-class high-end equipment manufacturer.

Zhu Zhaokai said that “Dual Carbon Goals”-themed sessions are important experimental actions taken by Shanghai Electric as it has made clear the “4+2+X” development orientation and has been expanding its wind, solar, energy storage and hydrogen businesses. All affiliated companies of Shanghai Electric shall seize opportunities created by the “dual carbon goals” and replace old growth drivers with new ones faster while maintaining strategic focus. Meanwhile, they shall continue to make scientific and technological innovations to enhance key competitiveness, develop typical “zero-carbon” projects with the combination of digitalization and manufacturing at the center, and incentivize talents for inventions by building project platforms. Shanghai Electric has taken active and diversified actions like education sessions on the status quo and events themed on innovation and efficiency to inspire engineering culture, craftsmanship and self-dedication and to utilize the collective wisdom and power. In this way, Shanghai Electric makes remarkable contributions to promoting high-quality development and building the company into one of national significance.

Jin Xiaolong stressed that as a world-class high-end equipment manufacturer, Shanghai Electric delivered excellent results and made visionary moves in areas of multi-energy storage equipment and system solutions. This forum was an incentive for Shanghai Electric’s project teams to focus on solutions for big wind and solar programs, and an important platform for ambitious talents.

Zhu Zhaokai and Jin Xiaolong presented certificates to finalist teams at the forum.

Shanghai Electric plans to launch more forums and themed sessions oriented at cutting-edge technologies, top research topics, combination of digitalization and manufacturing and the “dual carbon goals” to create a supportive environment throughout the Group for technology-driven high-quality development.