Investors Witnessed 120 Years of Success and Looked Forward to the Future of Energy Integration
2022/09/30  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Collaboration Through 120 Years and Beyond. On the afternoon of September 26th, the enterprise summit forum themed “Energy Integration and Future of Intelligent Manufacturing” was held online and offline, where over 2,800 investors shared ideas and opinions on energy development and low-carbon issues for a beautiful future. As a major event in celebrating the 120th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Electric, this themed conference is the third campaign in the “Knowing Shanghai Electric” program series.


“The past 120 years see how Shanghai Electric grows into a world-class innovator by exploiting the potential of manufacturing, implementing win-win collaborations and integrated development. We manage to transform from a major importer of high-end manufacturing technologies to China’s primary exporter of high-end equipment. ” Liu Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Electric, said in his speech. Shanghai Electric has made many groundbreaking achievements domestically and internationally. Building on its strengths, Shanghai Electric leveraged its three main advantages of ultimate manufacturing capability, integration services and talents to develop 3 platforms for crucial equipment, integrated system and industry assets that were interconnected, generating new momentum for the next 120 years.

Chen Ganjin, a Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Shanghai Electric, introduced Shanghai Electric’s strategy for energy systems in his speech titled “Integration, Innovation and Advancement”. Seizing the opportunity brought about by the “Dual Carbon Goals”, Shanghai Electric optimized its business structure to enhance traditional energy and new energy equipment by addressing the 4 bottlenecks of “how to generate, transmit, store and consume power”. Based on its leading edge in equipment manufacturing, Shanghai Electric has made substantial progress in new systematic solutions that couple coal-fired power plants with energy storage, green hydrogen with chemicals as well as source, grid and load with energy storage.

As energy transformation proceeds, vanadium flow batteries became a rising star in the energy storage market due to their high security, scalability and long cycle life. Yang Linlin, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Electric (Anhui) Energy Storage Co., Ltd. briefed on Shanghai Electric’s visionary move in the vanadium flow battery market, and outlined that more resources would be invested in critical industrial chains for core added value in the upper stream, for example, to implement 100MW commercial projects, to develop new growth drivers.

Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology is on the rise to realize carbon neutrality which becomes more and more urgent. Qiu Jiayou, Vice President of Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group, talked about Shanghai Electric’s progress in CCUS technology development and engineering applications, and emphasized that Shanghai Electric was able to offer competitive system solutions incorporating CCUS core technologies, equipment and engineering services.

In addition to resourceful meetings, participants had an immersive online tour of Shanghai Electric’s symbolic projects including Shanghai Electric Guoxuan lithium battery manufacturing base at Nantong City and Shanghai Electric Shantou Smart Energy Demonstration Project, interacting more directly with Shanghai Electric’s strategy for and practices of reshaping energy structure with intelligent tools.

The forum also invited professors and specialists from universities and media who exchanged in-depth opinions with Shanghai Electric’s managers of various energy segments on hot topics like energy security in extreme weather.