Shanghai Electric Group’s Leaders Celebrated the 120th Anniversary of the Founding of Shanghai Electric with Retired Officials
2022/09/26  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Through highs and lows, Shanghai Electric entered its 120th year. On the morning of September 26th, Shanghai Electric Group convened a meeting at the headquarters to celebrate the 120th anniversary of its founding with retired officials. Leng Weiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Electric Group, Liu Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Group, and Zhu Zhaokai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Electromechanical Labor Union discussed the company’s development with retired leaders of the headquarters in celebration of the 120th anniversary.


120 Years: Shanghai Electric Thrives With China, a campaign video dedicated to the event, was released in the meeting, which fully demonstrated Shanghai Electric’s high sense of responsibility and true grit against the difficult and unknown through summarizing milestones and breakthroughs achieved over the past 120 years due to assiduous, courageous and unwavering endeavors.

Three retired officials who are Xu Jianguo, then Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Electric (Group), Zhao Hongfa, then Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Industries Administration, and Xia Yuzhuo, then Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Electric (Group), sent The Shanghai Municipal-level Special Chronicles — The Annals of Shanghai Electric (Group) to youth representatives, a symbolic move of passing on the heritage and encouraging them to make bigger contributions. Youth representatives sent flowers and expressed best wishes to senior officials before they took group photos.

Leng Weiqing, Liu Ping and Zhou Feida, then President of Shanghai Electric (Group), cut the cake together, showing their hope for a more successful Shanghai Electric in the future.

On behalf of the Party Committee of the Shanghai Electric Group, Leng Weiqing then extended warm wishes to the senior, hoping they enjoy a happy and healthy life. She said that senior officials’ support and guidance were necessary for Shanghai Electric’s high-quality development, and expected that they could offer more suggestions and opinions in the future by leveraging their experience and influence.

Liu Ping briefed on the status quo of Shanghai Electric’s operation and stressed that the Group would make every effort to attain goals as scheduled, continuing the success made by predecessors. Zhu Zhaokai talked about major developments in the Party building.

Retired officials including Xu Jianguo, Zhao Hongfa, Zhou Feida and Xia Yuzhuo acknowledged Shanghai Electric Party Committee’s progress in high-quality development and innovation achieved in a complex and challenging environment, and hoped that the Group could reinforce the Party building work, expand businesses in new industries and boost commercialization of technological breakthroughs. They firmly believed that under the guidance of the sitting management team, Shanghai Electric would grow stronger and stronger.

Other participants of the conference included retired leaders of the headquarters of Shanghai Electric Group, managers of the Department of Party Committee, Group Office, Division for Retired Officials, and some youth representatives.