Independent R&D! Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator’s Super High-speed Elevator Moving at 10m/s “Entered” Changsha’s New Landmark
2022/06/25  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

On the afternoon of June 22, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator”) held an online signing ceremony for the project of delivering the LEHY-H elevator, a super-high-speed one moving at 10m/s, to Xinchu Jingtian Plaza at Changsha City, Hunan Province. Leng Weiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Electric Group, and Wen Huiming, Chairman of Hunan Xinchu Property Co., Ltd., attended the event, witnessing the pivotal step for Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator to bring its self-developed super-high-speed elevator from the “test tower” to “commercial buildings”.


Having devoted more than 3 decades to technologies of super-high-speed elevators, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator has been progressing consistently, selling hundreds of elevators moving at a speed over 6m/s. Xinchu Jingtian Plaza is designed to be a complex for the modern service industry and a new commercial landmark of the largest size in Changsha’s downtown area. As a professional manufacturer of super-high-speed elevators in China, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator specifically chose the LEHY-H elevator for this project because it is a super-high-speed elevator designed for high-end scenarios like landmark plazas, class-A office buildings and luxury hotels. The LEHY-H elevator with a speed of 10m/s is independently developed by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator fully owning the intellectual property, and is characterized by proven operation performance and mature technologies. In terms of technology, it uses the upgraded tractor, brake control technologies that are silent, new super-power modules and a high-performance and smart CPU control system with all core parts manufactured by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, ensuring high speed, comfort experience, security and low energy consumption. This project is seen as a landmark in the elevator market of Changsha and surrounding areas.

Considering the tight delivery schedule, Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator rated this project “SEP project”, which grants it a higher priority in utilizing the company’s resources for the delivery of higher quality. The SEP method was inaugurated in Shanghai Center Super-High-Speed Elevator project, which can leverage Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator’s strengths to ensure the product quality and operation at a high level.

Leng Weiqing expressed gratitude for Hunan Xinchu Property’s trust and support towards Shanghai Electric, and said that building economics has entered a 2.0 era that emphasizes software, services and commercial ecology. Xinchu Jingtian Plaza follows a high-performance design idea and employs low-carbon and energy conservation technologies, which aligns with Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator’s product values of low energy consumption, high quality and excellent durability. With many opportunities to be further explored in cooperation, she hoped both parties could turn this project into a new start for more in-depth and all-around collaboration on smart elevators and maintenance in properties in the future, achieving win-win results by mutual empowerment.

Wan Zhongpei, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator, attended the event.