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The types of the deaerator & water tank is including the integrated deaerator, the spray tray deaerator, etc. The integrated deaerator effectively combines the functions of the deaerator and the water tank , which is the world's most advanced single-container deaerator and has the longest service life, compact structure, good deaerating efficiency and high reliability.

    Products are used in Yangjiang 1000MW, Haiyang 1000MW, Pakistan Karachi 1000MW, Qinshan phase 600MW nuclear power plant; Taizhou phase Ⅱ 1000MW secondary reheat fossil foul power plant; Waigaoqiao phase Ⅲ 1000MW, Indonesia Cilacap 1000MW, India Godda 800MW, Changshu 600MW, Shidongkou 660MW, Liancheng 300MW fossil foul power plant.

As the country's largest professional design and manufacture of deaerator manufacturer, our company has successfully manufactured the deaerators for the first million-g level thermal power unit, and the first million- level nuclear power unit in China. The products have used in Electric Power, Petrochemical and Environmental Protection fields etc. The company is in the leading position in thermal & nuclear power power. At the same time, the company is also the organization unit of the national deaerator standard JB/T10325-2002, and has undertaken the national-level project development of the national 1000MW nuclear power CAP1400 and CAP1700.

The company has the strong design and development technology of various contact and surface type deaerator, independent research and development capabilities and laboratory test conditions, and designs a number of special devices for deaerator, and obtains a number of deaerator patents.

The overall supply is convenient for site installation to avoid the welding work of the deaerator and water tank.

Low exhausted steam loss and low steam consumption improve the thermal efficiency of the unit.

The heating steam is sended into the underwater, so that the overall working temperature level of the deaerator is lowered, and the thermal fatigue life of the metal is greatly improved.

The oxygen removal effect is better and the oxygen content of feed water is less than 5ppb.

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