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U Tube Type High Pressure Feedwater Heater
High pressure heater is a kind of heat-exchange equipment, which use the thermal energy of steam extraction from steam turbine to heat feedwater and enhance the thermal efficiency. The thermal performance of high-pressure heater directly impacts the performance and security of the power units. The products manufactured by SAP covers all kinds of high-pressure heaters which used in the ultra-supercritical, supercritical, subcritical and below thermal and nuclear power units, including the parameter from 10 MW to 1700 MW.

    Products are used in Lin'ao 1000MW, Pakistan Karachi 1000MW, Qinshan Phase Ⅱ 600MW, Qinshan Phase Ⅰ 300MW nuclear power plant; Taizhou Phase Ⅱ 1000MW secondary reheat fossil fuel power plant; Waigaoqiao Phase Ⅲ 1000MW, Pingwei 600MW, Shidongkou 600MW, India Tiroda 600MW, Zouxian 300MW, Shiheng 300MW, Iraq WASSIT 300MW, Philippines GNPower Kauswagan 125MW fossil fuel power plant.

Our company is one of the largest and most advanced high pressure heater equipment suppliers in the world. Our design, manufacturing technology and market share place the leading position in domestic and abroad. Products are used in Electric Power, Petrochemical and Environmental Protection fields etc.  Our company has successfully manufactured the first high-pressure heater applied to 1000 MW nuclear power plant in China, first high-pressure heater applied to 1000 MW second-reheat thermal power plant. At the same time,  the company is also the organization unit of the national high-pressure heater standards JB/T8190-2017, and has undertaken the national-level project development of the national 1000MW nuclear power CAP1400 and CAP1700.

U tube type high pressure feedwater heater has three heat transfer zone, including superheat zone, condensing zone and drain cooling zone. HP heater uses hemispherical channel with auto sealing elliptical manway, and adopts one fixed and one sliding support.

We have matured and reliable experience in designing and manufacturing high-pressure heaters. Moreover, SAP owns a number of patented technologies. The mechanical analysis is done for high-parameter and large-scale heat-exchange equipment to optimize the structure of the products and to eliminate the hidden security trouble. What's more, we have proven manufacturing processes and non-destructive testing technology.

According to the annual power reliability report released by power reliability management center of the China Electric Power Enterprise Federation: the operating factor of SAP products is the highest in the industry; the unplanned outage rate of SAP products is the lowest in the industry; the product quality is safe and reliable. As one of the dominated manufacturers in designing and manufacturing the auxiliary equipment of thermal and nuclear power units, occupies more than half of the domestic market share of high-pressure heaters.

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