Operation and Management

Construction project for Yangpu’s city operation and management center

Project information:

Based on information infrastructure construction, Yangpu District's city operation and management center implements major programs such as "Sharp Project", smart public security and "beautiful home" construction and development to realize precise urban management. It enables information interconnectivity and data sharing and interaction by removing information barriers, highlighting characteristics of all-in-one network management. By adopting all-in-one network management for urban operations, it can manage business data, videos, Internet of Things and maps in a centralized manner. It also develops and improves security systems and standards. Therefore, it sets up an “all-in-one” data management model network that is appropriate for urban operation.

Shanghai Electric faithfully carried out the design and construction requirements of the operation and management center and integrated the district's city operation systems in a way that catered for Yangpu District with business scenarios as drivers, allowing it to support a diverse range of scenes. Moreover, Shanghai Electric realizes intelligent perception, pre-judgement, and early warnings utilizing intelligent means, and creates a full-process center for process visualization, transparency, and reengineering. Furthermore, it provides arrangement, dispatching, and evaluation features for scenarios by exploring the configurable effects of scenarios. The flexible arrangement feature of scenarios serves as an effective stimulant for the implementation of scenarios, helping the Urban Operations Center of Yangpu District "efficiently deal with one matter".

Implementation results:

(1)   It helps achieve industrial structure transformation and improvement, precise and efficient urban operation, a better living environment and deeper awareness of civility by increasing the quantity of information applications used and their performance. This in turn improves overall urban information infrastructure services, and enhances the next-gen information technology industry’s innovation and comprehensive network security. All of these factors contribute to the development of a smart city, a precisely managed city and a happy city.

(2)   It developed a “one neural system” based on the Internet of Things and other innovations, a "district brain" with big data analysis and AI computing technologies, and a "multi-layer cortex architecture" by restructuring data collection, storage and computing resources integration, urban operation rules and city services. In the end, it built up a basic support platform consisting of three components: "one management subject for one data set, one source for multiple purposes, and one data set for various applications. " These then allow for the implementation of smart applications everywhere, making the district a leading example of smart application around the world.

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