PT1 of NE1-700MW CSP+250MW PV Project in Dubai Connected to Grid
2022/12/05  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

At 15:48, November 29, local time, the PT1 of Noor Energy 1 700MW CSP +250MW PV Project in Dubai, built by Shanghai Electric as a general contractor, was successfully connected to the grid, marking a milestone in the transformation of the Group in the new energy industry. The PT1 has provided the first kWh of green power to the region with excellent technical parameters and stable operation of all main and auxiliary equipment.


As a demonstration project for the “Belt and Road” initiative and the global carbon neutrality goal, the PT1 adopts the world-leading parabolic trough technology to solve the drawback that conventional PV power plants cannot generate electricity at night. During the project period, there were difficulties such as price increase of raw materials, stagnation of shipping, disruption of production, serious shortage of personnel and increase of all costs due to the COVID-19. The staff overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic through careful planning and effective coordination, conquering many technical challenges with new thinking and successfully achieving the milestone.

The project is the Phase IV of the Noor Energy 1 PSC Project developed by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The photovoltaic part, totaling 700 MW, consists of one 100 MW tower and three 200 MW troughs; the 250 MW of PV units are distributed in the spare locations across the plant for maximum utilization of the site. Covering 44 square kilometers, the equivalent of 6,162 football fields, it is the biggest concentrated solar power project in terms of installed capacity, investment amount and heat storage of molten salt tanks in the world. After being put into operation, the energy stored in the PTs can produce power for up to 13.5 hours continuously to meet the demand for electricity at night or under adverse weather conditions, while the energy stored in the tower can generate power for up to 15 hours continuously.