Shanghai Electric Obtained New Contract of 1000MW Turbines from Jiahuwan Power Plant
2022/08/29  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

Recently, Shanghai Electric won the bid for supplying main and auxiliary equipment for the 2×1000MW electromechanical furnaces of Phase II of the Jiahuwan Power Plant at Lufeng City, Guangdong Province. Shanghai Electric renews its cooperation with Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baolihua”) after the Heshuyuan Power Plant and Jiahuwan’s Phase I.


Jiahuwan Power Plant is designed with a total installed capacity of 8×1000MW, making it the largest efficient and clean energy base by planned capacity in China. The 2×1000MW units in Phase I have begun operation since April 2019, and Phase II adds another 2×1000MW coal-fired units with 100% desulfurizing and denitrification facilities being built concurrently. After it is put into operation, it will meet Guangdong’s growing need for electricity, enhance grid security and stability, and mitigate regional power shortage, contributing to provincial economic development.

The Phase II project employs the new 1000MW ultra-supercritical reheat CT furnace that has better low-load stable combustion and deep peak regulation index. Coupled with new high-parameter 1000MW steam turbines which have higher parameters than regular ones at the same level, it makes a breakthrough for adapting to new markets by responding to clients’ specific needs. The project also uses the latest-improved 1000MW generator that has advantages of high reliability, efficiency and easy installation, operation and maintenance owing to multistage axial fans used, and can work as effectively as those of Phase I.

As a long-standing supplier for Baolihua, Shanghai Electric has provided main and auxiliary equipment for electromechanical furnaces in the Heshuyuan Power Plant 2×300MW project in 2006 and Jiahuwan Power Plant’s Phase I 2×1000MW project in 2019. Since its operation, units in Phase I have been highly acknowledged for stability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness by Baolihua, which leads to a second collaboration between the two companies.