Shanghai Electric Ushers in a New Era for Giant 11WM Turbine with the Largest Offshore Wind Turbine in Asia Installed
2022/07/14  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

The offshore wind power market is seeing better solutions with bigger capacity and higher power generation. Recently, the first EW11.0-208 wind turbine taking full advantage of the prowess of Shanghai Electric's Petrel platform was installed in Shantou, Guangdong Province. With the largest capacity of 11WM in Asia, it will bring China’s offshore wind power industry into a new era.


Born from Shanghai Electric’s 10-year experience in offshore wind farms, Petrel is a platform independently developed in three years to cope with the complicated marine environment characterized by high temperature, high humidity, high salinity, typhoons, and earthquakes. Driven by China’s goals of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality, Shanghai Electric developed the EW11.0-208, the first product based on the platform. It’s a highly economical direct-drive offshore turbine for high-wind-speed areas while achieving the grid parity of wind power to deal with both normal weather and typhoon conditions. In September 2021, China’s first 11WM turbine rolled off the production line in Shanghai Electric’s Shantou Base, Guangdong’s largest smart energy project and the first “Energy Internet Plus” demonstration industrial park of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co. Ltd.

The turbine adopts the concept of a life cycle in digital design, production, operations and maintenance management, reduces operational load, and enhances operation stability thanks to the application of the latest LeapX control system. After being connected to Shanghai Electric's Fengyun System, it will be an intelligent and connected turbine that continuously improves availability and customer profitability.

Shanghai Electric will continue to provide optimal solutions for customers with superior products and services to promote the development of the offshore wind power sector and contribute to the achievement of China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.