Shanghai Electric Promotes the Construction of Five New Suburbs with Intelligent Manufacturing
2022/07/07  EN_上海电气集团股份有限公司

The announcement of major functional matters of “Five New Suburbs” was held in Jiading, Shanghai on July 6 under the deployment of the Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and the Municipal Government. Through the introduction of functional projects, resources from home and abroad will be attracted to the five suburbs to further enhance their capacity and highlight their distinctive advantages. During the event, Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and Mayor of Shanghai, announced 25 major functional matters to be introduced into the "Five New Suburbs”; Wu Qing, Member of Shanghai Municipal CPC Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai, introduced the Implementation Plan on Introduction of Functional Projects to the New Suburbs, and Peng Chenlei, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, hosted the event. Leng Weiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Electric Group, sent a congratulatory video for the event, in which she introduced Shanghai Electric’s plan in the “Five New Suburbs”. Liu Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Shanghai Electric, was invited to the event as a representative of the company.


The construction of “Five New Suburbs” is an important initiative of Shanghai to align with national strategies towards China's new development paradigm, as well as a major strategic direction for the city’s future development. As a powerhouse of domestic industry, Shanghai Electric will contribute to the achievement of national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and facilitate the construction of Shanghai’s “five new suburbs” through its high-quality development.

Fengxian New Suburb

In Fengxian New Suburb, the soon-to-be-established Shanghai Electric New Energy Development Company will vigorously develop the “wind-solar-storage-thermal-hydrogen” multi-energy complementation and the “generation-grid-load-storage” integration, build a life-cycle service system for new energy projects, and promote the launch of several smart projects. It will participate in the construction of the New Suburb in green planning of public spaces and zero-carbon industrial parks, so as to create a shining model of the smart city in the Yangtze River Delta.

Jiading New Suburb

In Jiading New Suburb, Shanghai Electric's Waigang Bearing Manufacturing and Operation Headquarters will focus on the independent R&D and production of bearings for rail transit, new energy vehicles and aerospace technology. Shanghai United Bearing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Prime Machinery Co., Ltd., will develop relevant capabilities to turn the headquarters into a demonstration R&D and manufacturing base for rail transit bearings and robot reducer bearings in East China, in a bid to facilitate the industrial transformation and upgrading of the Jiading New Suburb.

Lingang Special Area

The global headquarters of Highly Marelli in Lingang Special Area is dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of heat pump air conditioners and thermal management systems for new energy vehicles. With leading-edge technology and a global presence, it will provide modular integrated products with excellent performance for customers. The company will be deeply involved in the construction of the eight advanced industrial clusters in the Special Area, which will form a world-class, open and modern industrial system.

Shanghai Electric will thoroughly implement the spirit of the 12th Shanghai Congress of the Communist Party of China, serve the national strategy, the Yangtze River Delta Integration Plan, and the socio-economic development of Shanghai, actively participate in the construction of the “Five New Suburbs”, and make further contributions to the world with “Shanghai’s wisdom” and “Shanghai Electric’s Intelligent Manufacturing”.